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Lowen Ashleigh is an author at the edge of bankruptcy. Jeremy Crawford, the husband of Verity Crawford and one of the most prominent authors of the moment, hires him to finish the book series. Verity Crawford was his wife’s work before she suffered a serious accident which left her in a coma. Lowen moves in to the couple’s home to finish his assignment. He was hoping to locate enough material for the notes Verity was writing, but what he didn’t expect is to discover in the chaos of the office is Verity’s autobiography. It is kept secret so it never gets out.

About” Verity”

Colleen Hoover’s Verity, however, is a completely different book. Colleen Hoover is a New York Times number 1 bestselling author in the romance and youth category. This is his first Thriller.

Colleen Hoover’s books begin in a quirky manner that leaves you wanting to know more.

“I hear his skull crackle before I feel the blood splash on my skin.”

Verity starts with Lowen Ashleigh, the protagonist. He is a writer not well-known and almost broke. She is a young, single girl who has no partner and is very close to people. We have Jeremy Crawford on the other side, Verity’s husband and a famous writer who, after a car accident, is unable get out of bed.

Jeremy offers Lowen a generous amount of money to complete the saga Verity cannot finish. Lowen arrives at Crawford’s house, ready to spend a few weeks there and to delve into the manuscripts, notes, and notes. Verity’s autobiography reveals that her priorities shift.

He starts to read it even though he knows he should be doing something else, like finishing the author’s books he still has pending. As she begins to turn the pages, she discovers that Verity is living a life that is very different from what she had expected. She has discovered many truths and secrets that even her husband doesn’t know. Verity is a dark and twisted woman, and her obsession is too toxic.

“I was going to burn in my heart for him. “He had made a fire and I was determined not to let it go out.

Colleen Hoover’s book is a joy to read. It is difficult to create a plot like his, but he succeeded spectacularly.

As the book progresses, Jeremy’s relationship with Lowen begins to change. By reading the biography, he starts to get to know Jeremy better through the words of his spouse, which makes his feelings for Lowen stronger.

It is difficult to pick this book up and begin reading it. But once you start, you will not be able to stop until you find out what happens at the ending. It may be a little heavy for those who don’t enjoy romance or suspense. However, I think the author has managed to seamlessly integrate it into the plot.

Colleen Hoover was a novelist I had never seen. I was also not sure what to make of it when it arrived in my hands. Due to my life circumstances, it was a surprise that I had this book.

It was hard to know what to expect when I began it, but I soon realized that I would enjoy it. There were times in the story where I had to stop and think about the details. I don’t know how Colleen, who writes only romance, manages to make the scenes so ghoulishly dark.

Verity’s story is one that I did not expect. I saw her as someone without feelings and cold as ice because of the way her biography was written. That made me understand her, just as I was losing faith in her being a rational person.

This book is so full of surprises that I was surprised when the author revealed one more surprise. Verity is addictive because of that one thing.

Verity reflects a very important aspect: many people judge things without knowing all the stories.

It is a great book. I also think it’s fantastic that it was the author’s first Thriller.

It is not recommended for those who are looking for a quick and easy read. The book has 331 pages but it feels like there are many more. It is a thick and very strong book. However, I recommend it to those who are looking for a Thriller with romance and unexpected twists.

Colleen Hoover has once again managed to create an original and addictive book.


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