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Hello! Welcome to Chrisbookarama*.
About Me

I'm Chris, a book loving lady living in Nova Scotia, Canada. I'd love to read all day but being a mom makes that kinda hard. I squeeze it in where I can.

Some of my favorite genres: classics, literary fiction, historical fiction, suspense, and occasionally young adult and non-fiction. However, I've been known to cross genres if it really sounds interesting or weird. I do not read 'inspirational' novels, anything political, or poetry.. I do not read or review self-published or 'indie' books at this time.

I also like photography, running, and crochet.

Authors and publishers, please see my policies page. 


I participated in reviewing books for the Blogher Book Club in which I am paid a small fee. Those reviews are marked as promotion for Blogher Book Club.

Not all books received for review purposes will be reviewed. Those posts will be marked with a disclaimer that I received them for review.

I am an Amazon (well, was in ancient times) and  Book Depository (recent) Affiliate. This blog contains ads. Clicking on these ads provides me with ad revenue which I use to maintain this blog- and buy more books. Click away!


Besides providing content for this blog, I've written for and helped run The Spotlight Series blog and The Project Gutenberg Project blog. I've written posts for Book Bloggers International. I've also been an organizer for Armchair BEA (2011-13).

You can also find me on Twitter, Pinterest, GoodreadsGoogle+.

If you wish to contact me, please use the contact page.

Hope to see you on the blog!

*Previously known as book-a-rama.