Hi, my name is Julie. I’m the owner and admin of this book review blog.

I have been reading for as long as I can remember and I discovered a while back that I can publish reviews on the internet about books I have read, so I started this blog.

I read a bit of everything, generally novels but also informative books on various topics that interest me. I try to balance my readings here on the blog so that there are different books, which are not the typical youth literature that we see everywhere (not to be misunderstood, I love the genre!), And so that everyone can find something that interests them.

OK, some bullet point bits of info about me: –

  • Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and Anne of Green Roofs are my favorite sagas.
  • I have two beautiful cats.
  • I can play the guitar
  • Although I really like literature, I don’t study anything related to that. Science is my subject, but not anything I would want to blog about.
  • I really like to eat cake (but who doesn’t).
  • I am a fairly a tall person. I generally like my height, except when I keep hitting my head on things.
  • Summer is by far my favorite season
  • I wear contact lenses because I’m as blind as a bat without them
  • I wore braces for three years when I was at school (glad to be free of those)
  • I am in favor of annotating, underlining, writing and highlighting books.

I hope you enjoy my reviews.

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