Getting Gothic with The Silent Companions

Elsie finds herself in an asylum, injured and drugged, unwilling to remember the events of the past several months. She knows something bad has happened, the word "murderess" is hissed at her by the orderlies. With the prompting of her kind doctor, Elsie begins to piece together what happened in the hopes it will free her.

Months earlier...

Her life is turned upside down after the death of her husband Rupert. Just recently married, the couple was excited to learn Elsie was pregnant. Then Rupert dies under mysterious circumstances and Elsie is forced to live on his family's 200 year old estate, The Bridge, with Rupert's only relative, cousin Sarah. Elsie finds a neglected mansion with a tiny staff of three women, the villagers of the nearby town having refused to work there. At first she is unhappy about the lack of creature comforts, but soon her unhappiness turns to fear after she finds a life sized wooden figure that looks disturbingly like herself. This figure, known as a silent companion, is creepy on its own but it also seems to pop up in unexpected places. And then more begin to appear.

Is someone playing a trick on Elsie? Is she losing her mind? Or is there something evil living within the walls of The Bridge?

If I could read more books like The Silent Companion, I'd be a regular blogger again. I read it over the weekend. I don't think I've read a book that fast in years! It was delightfully creepy. I couldn't stop reading. I had to know what was going on. The novel has all the hallmarks of a gothic novel: spooky house, scary noises, creepy relatives, an asylum, and damsels in distress.

It's the last on this list that Laura Purcell takes a real poke at. There are five women living at The Bridge, all very different. Men aren't experiencing what they are going through. These women are depending on each other to find explanations for their experiences. When men do get involved, they dismiss their fears. The word "hysterical" is tossed around. Elsie's fate is forever in a man's hands: her husband who dies, her younger brother who sticks her at The Bridge, and eventually her doctor who can either free her or condemn her. Unlike the classic gothic novels of centuries past, there isn't a Prince Charming to swoop in and save her. Can she save herself under these circumstances?

Would I recommend The Silent Companions? Absolutely! It's sure to keep you up at night, whether to finish it or for fear of hearing a strange hissing sound, like wood scraping against wood. It's perfect for RIP XIII.

Oh and silent companions are a real thing. Maybe not as creepy as ventriloquist dummies but still pretty creepy!

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this so much but I think it might be too creepy for me.


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