Better Late Than Never: RIP 13

Wow, it's been awhile, huh?

Since I never miss a Readers Imbibing Peril Challenge, I'm jumping in. This time I plan on doing Peril the Short Story. I'm always up for a good spooky story this time of year.

I'm thinking of a little MR James and a little Edith Wharton. They're always good old fashioned scares.

Hopefully I'll leave my thoughts on those stories here before October 31. Bye!


  1. I hope you get some good reading in!

  2. Enjoy the most wonderful season of the year!!

  3. I'm even later joining than you are!! Good to see a familiar name or two on participants list though.

  4. THE WORLD HAS BEEN SO MUCH, CHRIS. I was all set to dive straight into RIP reads and instead I've been reading all fun fluffy nonsense to counteract the stress of the news cycles. I'm hoping that when my friends are in town, I use them as a buffer of emotional support to read amazing spooky stuff. (Also, we are all reading genderswapped Twilight for funsies. That counts, right?)


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