Frankenstein Readalong: Everyone Is a Monster #TralaFrankenstein

Okay, we're into the third installment of Frankenstein. Let's see what nonsense Victor comes up with this week.

Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love?

The creature continues his lurking in the lean to. We have a brief interlude where Safie's Story is told which is blah-blah-blah who cares. The family does seem to be getting wealthier so I guess she brought some money with her. The creature has created this whole fantasy where he and this family will live happily ever after even though he's been creeping on them for over a year and they haven't met him.

He hatches a plan, which is basically wait until the old man is alone and strike up a friendship with him. He seizes his opportunity when the adult kids all leave. He knocks on the door and asks to come in and I swear this is what pretty much what the old man says, "Well, I'm a blind old man alone and unprotected, sure come on in, stranger!"

They have a real awkward conversation where the creature hints that he wants to live with friends who live "near here." The old man must have been like, what is with this creepy guy. Then the kids come home and everyone freaks out. The creature grabs the old guy and is like, "Hey, I just met you and this is crazy but please love me!" Felix beats him with a stick and the creature runs away.

He wanders into the woods but later comes back and burns their house down. (Don't worry, they moved out minutes after he left.) Somehow all of Frankenstein's science notes are in the pocket of a coat the creature took when he left the loft. I guess a naked monster is too much to imagine in 1818. He knows that Frankenstein is from Geneva so he goes there.

He has some more terrible interactions with people but decides that kidnapping a child to raise as his own is a great idea. And who is that child? Little William. But turns out kids can also be jerks! While Will is calling the creature all kinds of names, he drops his family name as some kind of threat and that's it for William. Then the creature puts the necklace in Justine's pocket while she sleeps just for kicks.

So, what is the point of all this storytelling? The creature tells Victor that if he makes a lady monster for him that they'll disappear together and never be seen again. If Victor doesn't, he'll kill everyone he loves and destroy his life. The creature's reasoning is that he'd be a good person is he had a companion, has to be a lady though, not a golden lab or a hedgehog, definitely a lady. If he doesn't get a woman, he's going to have his revenge on all of humanity. Wow, that narrative just never went away, did it?

There is a lot of wrong here. Frankenstein was wrong to create the creature and to have abandoned him. Maybe he could have made things at least a little right by becoming his friend now but that ship has sailed. You can't really come back from killing a dude's baby brother. Then there's the lady monster plan. I feel bad for the future lady. She could take one look at him and think "I don't care what I look like I'm not going anywhere with this guy!" No one thinks about her feelings. It's either the creature thinking of his own or Frankenstein thinking of his. Which is not surprising, but I thought maybe Mary Shelley might at least spare a sentence for her.

On the Road Again

Victor spends some time lying in the bottoms of boats, Anne Shirley style, moping. His Dad wonders if it's because he doesn't want to marry Elizabeth. But no he totally loves his cousin-sister. He just needs a couple of years to travel and sow his wild oats or whatever. If I was Elizabeth, I'd be thinking about getting a new man right about now. Elizabeth, however, is ever patient and only sighs that she wishes she could do the same. (Oh Elizabeth, you need an Eat, Pray, Love vacation.)

Elizabeth, everyday
Victor feels bad that he's not telling his family to keep an eye out for a vindictive monster while he's gone but oh well. He and his bud Clerval fart around Europe for at least a year. Victor says he's collecting information for his experiment but these guys are basically playing tourist. Finally, Victor gets himself to the Orkney Islands, finds a hut, and grudgingly gets to work.

What will happen next? Will he create the lady monster? How did Victor end up in the arctic anyway? Will Arctic Explorer Guy finally realize this dude is bad news?


  1. So, are you enjoying it? Or just having too much fun with the snark?

    1. I am! I think I forgot what a tool Victor is.

  2. This book needs the zombie treatment, stat

  3. Oh my God, I want so much better for Elizabeth, and not just because Frankenstein is leading me to believe that she's going to get killed by the creature in the final act. Someone needs to come along and show her there's better for her in this life than her awful cousin-brother.

    1. Me too! She needs someone to show her a bigger world than this family.


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