The Monthly Check Up: April

Hey! Hi! Hello! Me again.

A few new things.

First, I finished Wolf Hall!

It was okay. I'll read Bring Up the Bodies. I don't know a lot about Cromwell. The Boleyns are a lot sexier so I know more about them. Also Henry VIII is a terrible king. Such a baby man. Anyway Wolf Hall covers the period of Cromwell's life from the downfall of Cardinal Wolsey to the death of Thomas More. There are flashbacks to Cromwell's awful childhood and tiny glimpses into his life before becoming Henry's right hand man. Things are looking pretty good for Cromwell at the end. I'm sure nothing bad will happen to him in future volumes and he'll live to a ripe old age surrounded by loving great-grandchildren.

I listened to the audiobook edition narrated by Simon Slater which was sometimes entertaining. He made a lot of choices when he did certain characters' voices, like Thomas More. He sounded like a slithery snake. Sometimes though he took a lot of breaths as he rushed through parts. So a mixed review from me.

Oh and I have a new job. Part time but I like it. It's nice to be employed again.

Reading the End Jenny and Alice are hosting a Readalong for Frankenstein in May.

I think I'm up for it. I bought a new edition a few months ago but didn't read it. I can't remember the last time I read it but it was a looooooong time ago. I hope I still like it. I was very disappointed by Little Women when I reread it. Might as well find out now!

Let's seal this with an appropriate gif, an electrifying Mary Shelley.


  1. I've tried to read Frankenstein twice but both times I found myself... bored. It's a classic I will for sure try again but it's weird because it was over Halloween and that is the perfect time to read it.

  2. YAYYYYY I'm so delighted that you are joining the readalong! It's going to be very good times -- I've never read it before and I legit don't know what to expect.

  3. Congratulations on the new job!

    Good luck with Frankenstein! Holly just read it recently and was not impressed, but she's 13. What does she know?


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