A February Kind of Saturday

February 2018 Chrisbookarama

Back again.

It's February. It's my birthday month. Yes, birthday month. I'm choosing to celebrate the month. Why not? I have the whole month since my birthday is at the end. February is short, and it's February which needs some pepping up. I'm using it as an excuse to do things. Should I get red in my hair? Yes, it's my birthday month! Order some books? Yes, it's my birthday month! Yes, to everything!

Also there is Galentine's Day!

February is it's usual self. The weather is terrible. It poured rain, then it froze. Good times.

Last month I read a book! Yay! I read Vanished by Karen E Olson.

I read the first book in this series: Hidden. I didn't get around to reading the ones in between. I don't think I really needed to. I knew from the first one what Tina was running from, and what her relationship with Zeke was about. There were some things that happened in the other books but all that I needed to know was that Tina's still on the run.

Tina is trying to stay off the radar of her nemesis, Tony DeMarco. Unfortunately, Tina is recognized and must drop everything and run. Tina suspects part of the sudden interest in her whereabouts has something to do with a college student who went missing in Paris after using a hacked ATM. With the help of her friend Spencer, she heads to Paris, a place with a lot of personal history. It's also where Zeke was last spotted.

Vanished is a quick read. The pacing is fast, perfect for someone who no longer has the attention span for reading sprawling tomes. Tina is still kick ass. I appreciate that she's not a twenty-something and sometimes feels her age. I like her weed smoking friend though I don't 100% trust him. There is something about him. But every time Tina trusted someone, I thought bad things would happen. I'm much more skeptical than she is, I guess. Ha!

I'm interested to see where Tina's adventures will take her next. Will she ever have a normal life with a house and a dog and a regular bank account that's not a hole in the floor? Probably not.

Thanks to Netgalley and also Karen for the review copy. (Disclaimer: Karen is an internet friend.) All opinions are my own.

In other book news, I am reading (well, listening to) Looking Backward by Edward Bellamy. It's a Librivox recording. I'm finding it entertaining- and also a little depressing, considering it's a story about an imagined year 2000.

I've been doing some sewing. Thinking about getting a serger. If you have one, I'd be interested in your thoughts on that. Maybe I'll do a post on my sewing adventures in the future. Maybe, if I don't get lazy.



  1. Galentine's Day! How perfect! I need to mark February 13th on my calendar so I won't forget. Happy Birthday month!

  2. Happy Galentine’s Day! And birthday of course :) I’m interested to know how the Looking Backward Book turns out. Hope you review it!

  3. I hate February. It was like minus 25 and now it is pouring. Because of course that makes sense. But, Happy Birthday! At least your birthday makes the month better for you!

  4. After complaining about weird winter weather, Mother Nature decided to treat us to a real winter...just when Jim is gone. I am here to tell you that snowblowers are terrifying machines. And the one we have is so damn big and heavy I can barely move it. So, now I have to decide whether I want to a) drive over the snow and avoid clearing the driveway completely, b) shovel, or c) use the snowblower and pray I don't run over my feet or anything important. I'm leaning towards option A.

    Have a wonderful birthday month! Since it is the shortest month of the year, I think you are completely justified in taking the whole month to celebrate!!

  5. It's your birthday month!!! Happy birthday, friend, and I hope you do everything that makes you happy in your birthday month. <3<3<3


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