Talking As Fast As I Can- On Audio

It's no coincidence that Lauren Graham released her new memoirs, Talking As Fast As I Can, just four days after the revival of Gilmore Girls hit Netflix*. Her book is the perfect accompaniment to the new series as she spends a good part of the book discussing her time working on the new show.

Talking As Fast As I Can briefly touches on Lauren Graham's childhood and school years. She recounts her years working toward her dreams of broadway, only to end up in LA. Mostly it focuses on how she came to be the young mom of Rory Gilmore on the early 2000s series.

If you are looking for juicy gossip, you won't find it here. She talks a bit about her boyfriend and co-star on Parenthood, Peter Krause, how they met and later starting dating. It's very sweet. It's the kind of conversation you might have with a nice lady you met at the hair dresser while you were having your roots touched up. Nothing too deep, but a pleasant diversion.

The real reason Talking As Fast As I Can pairs well with Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life, is the excepts from the journal she kept while filming the new series. If she ever had a bad day, you wouldn't know it. I was so glad to have listened to the audiobook read by Lauren Graham herself, because her unbridled enthusiasm for the show, its creators, and her costars pour out of her voice. It was so fun to hear the affection she has for Gilmore Girls. It was obviously a big part of her life for many years. (If we ever get a memoir from Kelly Bishop, I want to read that. I bet she'd have some stories.)

The audience for Talking As Fast As I Can is 100% Gilmore Girls fans. Maybe 45% of this book is about other things, but even Parenthood doesn't factor into the narrative it as much as GG. Lauren Graham knows who to pander to...and I'll take it! It was fun and she seems like a doll.

Since this was a review copy of an audiobook, I didn't have access to the photos she makes reference to throughout the book. I'm a bit bummed about that. But if you do buy the audio, and I recommend that you do, there is a pdf of the photos included.

*Yes, I watched the new series as soon as it came out on Netflix. I think it had problems, but overall I loved it.

Thanks to Penguin Random House Audio for the review copy via Volumes. All opinions are my own.


  1. I really want to listen to this one. I had planned to get to it soon, but the best laid plans and all. lol

  2. OK. Just added this audiobook to my TBR. I'm a huge fan of Gilmore Girls, and I've been meaning to watch Parenthood (my sister raves about it), so living in Lauren Graham World for a while would probably be just fine.


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