Let's Talk About Stats, Baby!

It's the sexiest time of the year. The time of year when everyone is talking about their staaaaaaaaats! So hot.

In total, I read 48 books last year. This is how it breaks down.

  • 38 women authors 
  • 9 by POC authors
  • 22 books were on audio
  • 9 non-fiction (5 were essay/memoir)
  • 4 short story collections
  • 3 graphic novels of some kind
In 2015, I read 60 books total. The biggest change this past year was my listening to 22 audiobooks compared to 2015's 15. (And I don't want any grief about audiobooks. I can listen to them at work. They help me keep my sanity.) Also, I read 16 graphic novels in 2015 and only 3 in 2016. Huh. 

I increased my ratio of women writers- 79% compared to 73% the year before. My POC reads dipped- 18% last year compared to 25% in 2015. 

One of my reading resolutions last year was to read more worldly. More than 50% of the authors I read in 2015 were from the United States. I felt this needed to change. Here's how that turned out. 

2016: 52%
2015: 52%

Sigh. Yeah, literally no change there. And while I ended up reading more international authors, my own country of Canada suffered from this with only 6 Canadian authors read this year. Since it's Canada's 150th anniversary this July, I'm going to make an effort to read more Canadians.

Here's the break down by country*:
  • 25 American
  • 6 Canadian
  • 3 UK
  • 3 Nigeria
  • 2 India
  • 2 Sweden
  • 2 Australia 
  • 1 Japan
  • 1 South Korea
  • 1 Cameroon
  • 1 Italy
  • 1 Russia

Now that I've analyzed last year's stats, it's time to make plans for 2017. While I plan to read whatever floats my goat, I still want to have an idea of how I want my 2017 reading year to look.
So. The plan...

  1.  Read more Canadians.
  2. Continue to read internationally.
  3. Keep reading the ladies.
  4. Read from my own damn shelves.

I have some idea on how to tackle #4. I think I'm just going to go shelf by shelf, start reading something from it, and if it doesn't do it for me, put it in the give away pile. Let's see if that works.

So, that's my look back on 2016 and my plan for 2017. What's your reading resolution if you have one? 

*By country I mean country they were born in. I don't have time to check everyone's current citizenship or residence status, people.


  1. "The GOAT. Let it float."
    OK, so I've been hammering at the reviews to be done for 2016 before I even stop to think about stats and goals, so I have yet to think about it. But it's coming. :)

    1. Do you read Naomi's blog? It is ALL about the Canadian book love. Makes me want to move North...

  2. I'm impressed that you keep up with those stats at all. I tried one year and gave up fairly quickly.

  3. 52% is pretty good, I think. You should pick a Canadian book for a readalong in July!

  4. Yesssss book stats!! So many lady authors, well done!

    Who is giving grief about audiobooks?? Is the grief that they do not listen to audiobooks and realize they are SERIOUSLY MISSING OUT? (Except I don't do many audiobooks but only because I have been obsessed with podcasts and have been focused there.)

  5. I am really neglecting Canadian authors. I need to do better with that this year, too!


  6. Those are sound resolutions! Happy Book Year!

  7. I don't know if I read any Canadian authored books. I don't think I read any set there, either. I read two books by French guys, though. FWIW (absolutely nothing)


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