The Master and Margarita Readalong: Wasn't That a Party

We're almost there! Next week is the last installment of The Master and Margarita Readalong hosted by Alice, but for now let's go to a party.

Ain't No Party Like a Satan Party

After agreeing to be hostess, Margarita gets the spa treatment in preparation for her duties. She's also given some advice: greet everyone equally and pleasantly. Considering how much emphasis Koroviev puts on this, you know it has to be a bad sign.


The guests arrive- corpses in coffins. They transform into their previous non-decayed selves and are introduced to a shocked Margarita. Guest after guest arrive: murderers, suicides, seducers, all kinds. All through the night Margarita plays hostess to the damned, while they swim in pools of wine and listen to animals playing in a band.

Sort of like this

Just as Margarita is about to collapse, Woland appears. He drinks the blood of a spy he has murdered in a goblet that is actually the missing head of the editor.

Drink up!

Margarita is forced to drink from the goblet, and as she does the party disappears.

When you wish upon a Satan

Margarita finds herself back in Woland's bedroom with his gang. She feels disappointed that she hasn't been offered any reward for going along with all this craziness. Just as she is about to leave, Woland tells her to stay and asks her what she wants, what she really, really wants.

Although she has the chance to ask for the master's return, she asks for a sad, damned girl from the party to cease being tortured for her crime. The girl murdered the baby she bore after her boss raped her. (Pretty dark stuff.) The entourage gives her a hard time for her request, but Woland tells her she has the power to free the girl. And she does, because she's still a good person.

Then she asks for the master and, voila!, he appears before her in his pajamas. Margarita is happy, and wants to go back to their little basement apartment and live as they had before.

What the master says

There is some more nonsense about the housing crisis- the man who lives in their apartment now lodged a complaint against the master for owning illegal literature so he could get the apartment. Woland tosses him out.

Woland returns the terrible Pilate manuscript to the master and sends them on their way.

That damn book again

And, ugh, we get two more chapters of the Pilate book. I do not understand why everyone is so gaga over this book. It's Pilate fan fiction where the master ships Pilate and Jesus. Anyway, all it's about is Pilate telling his head of security that he has to *WINK* protect Judas from a murder that's going to happen that night. So of course Judas is murdered by this guy's men. Then some stuff about Matthew who cares.

I guess the master and Margarita don't have their heads removed or forced to sing because they are so special for believing in something. Margarita believes in the master and the master believes in his Jesus book. And why does Satan care exactly?

Bye Bye?
You would think this is the end of the master and Margarita's story but it's not. You'll just have to hold on for one more week to find out the conclusion of their drama.


  1. I TOTALLY pictured the Baz Lurhmann Great Gatsby party for this. I wonder what that says for Gatsby's parties.

    "Then some stuff about Matthew who cares" Ahahaha yes.

    I really can't believe there's more to the book. This so felt like things were wrapped up. Although I guess all those people are in the hospital/Yalta but also whatever.

  2. Pilate fan fiction actually sounds potentially entertaining

  3. The only good parts of the Pilate chapters are the parts where he has a dog. I would gladly read chapters of the same length as these that were only about Pilate's dog. Yes it would still be boring but at least I wouldn't have to pretend it was brilliant, and I could look at illustrative dog gifs on the internet as visual cues.


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