Surprise! I'm going to #Readathon!

Oh hey! My weekend plans fell through. Now I can read on Saturday! It's Readathon time!

We're supposed to get bad weather this weekend. You might not know this, but a couple of weeks ago we had some severe weather in my area. There was flooding and high winds. Some people lost their homes. Many had flooded basements or lost power for days. I was lucky and didn't even lose power. I knock on all the wood that this doesn't happen again, but people around here are real nervous. So, we're staying close to home.

I plan on staying in my PJs and reading through it all. My reading plan? Well, I hope to finish the books I'm currently reading: The Master and Margarita, and Witches of New York. I have some audiobooks for when I can't sit on my couch. It's not much of a plan, but I didn't expect to be able to join at all.

If you are Readathoning, I hope to see you around Twitter or wherever you plan on updating your progress. See you then!


  1. Sorry your plans fell through, but being able to read books all day is not a bad consolation prize. ;) I'm looking forward to the readathon this year too.

  2. Yeah, you folks got slammed. It was bad here, too, but not like up there! We didn't lose power, but the grid that goes behind us and to one side of us did. I was pretty happy to be on another grid! Storms this time of year are the worst because still so many leaves on the trees... Anyway, hope you get lots of great reading in!

  3. Best of luck to you in reading, and to your area for safety! I will also be participating and am expecting a light rainy day. I think it is just what I will need.

  4. Cancelling plans is honestly sometimes the best thing that could happen. I hope you are having a wonderful readathon! (Wait, has it started yet?) I also need to read the next installment of Master & Margarita, and after I schedule my post for Monday, I'm going to finish the book and write my last post in advance. I feel bad about it but I have guests coming next weekend and won't get the chance!


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