Quote the Raven Girl, Give Me Wings!

A postman delivers a letter to some ravens and finds a young raven has fallen out of the nest. He takes her home and raises her, even teaches her to fly. They fall in love. Together they make an egg. Let's not think too hard about the logistics of this. The egg grows and out pops a girl.

The girl is not like other girls though (no, really). She can't speak, and only makes cawing sounds. She wants more than anything to fly. When she grows up, she goes to university and discovers that she may be able to accomplish this impossible dream.

Raven Girl is a little bit fairy tale, a little bit science fiction. It's a lot weird.

Raven Girl an adult graphic novel. The illustrations are amazing. The text and drawings are creations of Audrey Niffenegger. There's a lot of subtext in this short book about identity, and body modification. Raven Girl's outer appearance doesn't match what she feels inside. She is willing to make major changes to her body to make the outside look more like the being she wants to be. While she has supporters, she has detractors as well. Someone who doesn't understand Raven Girl's struggles.

Since this is a fairy tale, it may or may not have a happy ending. You'll have to read it to find out.

The book was written to be made into a ballet. It looks pretty cool.

As it's a few days before Halloween, a Raven Girl costume would be a good choice. Caw-caw!

Raven Girl


  1. I read this when it came out and really enjoyed it.

  2. Ooh, cool, I didn't know this existed. I have had such mixed experience with Audrey Niffenegger, and it's made me a little gun-shy about reading her graphic novels, which sometimes I ADMIT IT I have unkindly called Low-Budget Edward Gorey. Unfair of me! Gotta try again!


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