Lazy Sunday Thoughts: A Weird Week and a Sad Goodbye

This has been a weird week.

After a run of bad luck (including stepping on a nail), I was called back to work. Yay, money! I'm trying to get my ducks in a row before I start working. With the summer almost ended, I'm looking forward to a regular schedule with a kid in school where she belongs. She is so bored I is making me nuts!

I'm almost at the end of The Gene. Turns out this book is very long and science heavy (duh). I like it but have to read sections more than once to get what is being said.

I actually enjoyed most of the Olympics this year. I'm not a professional sports watching person. I have no interest in teams, but pit countries against each other for big, shiny, metal discs and I'm there!

Like many Canadians of my generation, I watched The Tragically Hip's final concert last night on CBC. I'm still thinking about it. I even dreamt of it. It's hard to explain why their music is so important. Maybe the reason they never caught on outside Canada is because they write about Canada for Canadians- with all our warts, not the Canada we try to sell tourists in our dreamy, over-saturated commercials. Their songs are full of villains and heroes: escaped prisoners, greedy explorers, the falsely imprisoned, missing hockey players and painters. They sing about places and events most people outside of Canada have never heard of (and some of us here haven't either). They are as Canadian as Margaret Atwood and snowmobiles. Still there is something universal about them too. The songs are about relationships, falling in love, being afraid and perplexed about life. The stuff we all can relate to.

For me, the music of The Tragically Hip is a part of my youth. It played in the background as I stayed up all night reading Stephen King novels (are you surprised?), I listened to it in friend's cars on road trips, my musical friends covered the songs in seedy bars, and it was on the radio as I worked my first retail job at a dollar store. That someday I'll be listening to the songs, remembering those moments, and knowing Gord Downie is gone is a harsh realization. I'm glad we all got the opportunity to say goodbye this way. It was the best wake I've ever attended.

Anyway, on that happy note I leave you to enjoy the rest of your weekend or start of your week!


  1. I never knew how many Canadian friends I had in my Twitter feed until yesterday's concert. Judging by the comments, I have a lot of them. It was cool to see an entire country celebrating the legacy of one band like that. Goodness knows we would never do that here in the States!

    Good luck with the new job! I hope it can grow into something more permanent for you!

  2. I agree with Michelle. I had no idea what specifically was going on, but it seemed like a national event, and t does sound like the absolutely perfect eulogy.

    Have fun with the job — and the money! ;)

  3. The response to the Hip has been wonderful. My friend was at one of the earlier concerts and she said that at the end Gord walked around he stage and paused to give everyone a chance to say their goodbyes. Such a sad situation!

  4. I was afraid when I saw the subject of this post that you had lost a pet or something! I am glad to learn that it is only a band breaking up, even if it is one you were very very fond of.

    1. No not a pet. They're not breaking up though. The lead singer has terminal cancer and they were touring to give him a chance to say goodbye to fans. It was a pretty emotional concert and gave me lots of feelings.


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