Hello August!

I realize it's the middle of August and I'm just saying hello to it now.

Summer has been busy and full of distractions. I have started around 5 books since the summer began and I'm in various stages of reading them. Usually when I get like this I can listen to audiobooks but even with those I have a hard time concentrating. Goodreads reminds me that I'm 9 books behind in my 2016 Challenge. Whoops.

So no reviews from me for awhile longer.

What have I been doing instead during this slump?

Watching Bullet Journal Youtube videos.

Watching Happy Planner videos.

Watching cross stitch videos. (The community is called Floss Tube! I've actually learned some new techniques.)

Working on cross stitch patterns for my Etsy Shop.




Enjoying nature.

I will return to book blogging eventually, I do want to, but life is too short to worry about when. I also might write some non-book related posts.

Until then, I hope you keep well and safe! And do lots of reading for me.


  1. Yeah, I get where you're coming from. There's so much to keeping up a book blog so reading starts to feel like a job. Sometimes you just have to step back and enjoy other things.

  2. At least we got rain!! I am excited. lol It was so dry. And I don't water my garden so I probably should have done that this year. oops. I need to watch some Happy Planner videos and decide what I want to do with mine because I have only sort of used it since getting it because I can't seem to figure out the system I want to use.

  3. I'm doing loads of, in particular, nonfiction reading this summer! Which is fun and I'm learning a lot, but it can be harder to write blog posts about, so there's been a nonzero amount of me scrambling to get posts written and scheduled. Summer! I'm hoping to get back into my blogging rhythm a little bit going into September.

  4. Seems like you are having fun even if not blogging right now. It will be here waiting for ya.

    My summer came and went without anything really special to show for it, except for a lot of reading. No big vacations. I wouldn't count my stint as a camp youth leader a vacation because it was a lot of work! I guess I am just ready for fall. It's too hot here.

  5. Has it been as hot out east as it has been in the middle? That makes everything harder for sure! OTOH, I seem to have read more this summer than in most other summers. Mainly because I've been trying to keep all the devices unplugged and off during the day to keep the air inside cool (no A/C), which has meant a lot more time sitting outside with stacks of books, which has translated into a lot more pages turned. I'm not complaining! :D

  6. It sounds like you are having a wonderful summer!! I'm curious what new techniques you learned from the videos. New stitches or something else?

  7. Bullet journaling is THE best! I have mostly been pinning my inspiration, but I'm seeing so many repeats that it may be time to cross-over to Youtube for inspiration!


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