Random July Thoughts

Today was a sunny day. I am in a good mood and hope to stay that way, so I thought it was time for a blog post. Maybe just some Randomness!

I finished The Fireman for the Fireman Readalong. I flew through it. I put some thoughts together for a review post.

I'm not into Pokemon Go. Just not going to go there.

Sharknado: The 4th Awakens is coming later this month. Are you excited? Do you think this series has, ahem, jumped the shark?

This season of Outlander wrapped up this week with the season finale. The older Roger is super cute, like a young Paul McCartney. Brianna doesn't look like Brianna. Clair is a witch, she must be to look like that 20 years later. Loved the 60s fashion though. So mod!

We nearly had a postal strike here in Canada. We're still not out of the woods yet. It was frustrating to me as an Etsy seller. It made me more productive when it comes to creating cross stitch patterns for download though. I have a bunch of new ideas. I just need the time to work on them.

I've been spending more time on Pinterest, since every time I go on Twitter it's a new nightmare. Also Bullet Journal YouTube videos.

I ran 10K last week! I've been using an app to push me to 10K from 5K. It's hard and my feet look terrifying, but I did it. Now I just have to keep it up. I hope to run a long run once a week for maintenance.

That's about it for now! Stay tuned. I'll be back again.


  1. I'm tired of hearing about Pokemon Go. lol Keep up the good work with running!

  2. There are bullet journal Youtube videos?

  3. The good thing about the potential postal strike is I chose free shipping from Amazon, but my books shipped yesterday and I got them today. That never happens when they go through Canada Post. lol

  4. A 10K, good heavens! That's amazing! You must be so proud of yourself, I am so impressed, congratulations!!

  5. I'm just starting Book 6 of The Fireman. (I think. My book is upstairs and I'm too lazy to climb up there and check!) I'm hoping to spend some good time on Sunday just reading. It's been a busy week and I need a bit of relaxing with a book. Plus, I've earned it!

  6. I think the whole PokemonGo phenom is rather frightening. I don't get it nor do I want to spend time to try to figure it out.

    So I don't watch the series but I did look up the characters on iMDB. What the hell? Where is Brianna's red hair? Aren't there better actresses out there who actually look more like Jamie?

    Congrats on the 10k! That's impressive!

    You have definitely earned that book and relaxation. Enjoy!


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