Ooooh, I'm Halfway There!!!! #Firemanalong

I'm halfway through The Fireman for the Fireman Readalong. Not sure where other participants are or what they think but here are some of my thoughts at this point.

I didn't know much about the plot starting out. Turns out there is a contagious fungus that causes spontaneous combustion in the human carriers. This contagion is spreading all over the world, with the added bonus of burning down just about everything.

Harper is a nurse in New Hampshire, trying to help as many people as she can. A difficult task since with the whole world in a panic and entering Mad Max territory. People with the contagion are being rounded up and sent off to death camps. Or worse, murdered by vigilantes who see sick people as murderous criminals.

Humans always end up here in catastrophes, don't they?

Inevitably, Harper catches the pox, er, fungus and with the help of the Fireman escapes to a utopian abandoned summer camp inhabited by other sick refugees. But we all know what happens to utopias. Eventually they become dystopias.

I love that the main characters are women: Harper, Carol, Allie. Maybe the book should be titled Firewomen instead.

Anyone else imagining Tom Hardy as the Fireman?

Jakob is the most obnoxious, despicable person in the world!

Carol is bonkers.

This book is making me anxious. I might have to put it in the freezer, but it's on my tablet and that would be a bad idea.



  1. Sounds similar to The Shining, no?

    1. More like The Stand? A killer disease and the end of the world type thing. I never read The Stand but sort of remember the miniseries. I'm old.

  2. It sounds like there's a lot of tension.

  3. I am not sure where the story is going. It's not focusing on The Fireman at all. I imagine Tom Hiddelston in the role.

    I mean, what really is going on. It seems like a rogue bunch of people pretending to save people but for what purpose? It's all a little strange.

    I am well into book 5 now and can't really figure it out. It's readable and exciting but I am growing tired of Harper lurching around with her baby tummy. Something needs to happen and soon.

    1. Yeah, it's beginning to drag. I hope it picks up soon.

  4. I should have joined in. Oh, well. This post was fun!

    1. Are you reading it? I thought I read that you had bought it, but that could be someone else.

  5. It will pick up. And the title is a total misnomer. The story is really not about the Fireman at all. Still, it's a great story. And the descriptions of the fungus tattoo? It makes getting the fungus totally worth it in my opinion.

  6. LOVE this! I am just after the part where Harper gets a snowball to the face... After her little chat with Mother Carol. sigh. SPOILER ALERT HERE!! (sorry)

    I think Carol is the one who bashed her father's head in. She has to be the one he wanted to give the boot. I guess I have to keep reading to find out. If I can convince the hub to listen with me, I will be finished with the book by the time I make it to Rhode Island...


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