Ready For the Summer!

Hello, friends! I thought about writing a post yesterday, but remembered it was a holiday in the US. I figured no one would read it, since anyone there would be camping or on the beach or something. So, here it is Tuesday and everyone is where they should be.

According to Goodreads, I am at 37% for my reading challenge. Since we're coming into the sixth month of the year, I need to step up my game. I read just 4 books last month. A book a week, on average. If I keep up that pace, I will read another 24 books, not reaching the 75 I set for myself. If someone has some kind of magic spell to make me read faster, I would appreciate you sharing.

I just finished Mr Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt. It's so good! And it's on sale as an ebook so go get it.

I'm having a blast playing with my new camera lens! So many flower pics!

Purple flowers- Chris

It's starting to warm up, but because I'm in the Atlantic Ocean the weather changes daily. It's shorts one day, fuzzy socks the next. I can't wait until we get some consistency. I'm ready for some summer weather! I'm starting to think about where I'd like to spend our vacation too. A beach sounds good.

Any exciting vacation plans? Inspire me!


  1. We've got enough summer weather here - I wish I could share some with you.

  2. Yeah, yesterday was chilly and then today was hot! The joys of the weather. :)

  3. What kind of new camera lens do you have? I do not have any summer travel plans, alas.

  4. I have gotten a few reminders from Goodreads about my reading progress and how it sucks... well it didn't say it that way. Anyway, trying to step up the pace. I've been hit with all sorts of stuff this year and I feel a bit out of it but making the best of it.

    It's getting hot here too. Can't believe it's June! Not ready for the heat AT ALL.

  5. We're going to a beach in southern Maine, which I'm very much looking forward to. On cloudy days I will lay out on the beach very comfortably and read, and on sunny days I'll go swimming and then head back home to the cabin to read. Truly the best of vacations. There is also talk of driving down to Boston to eat at Wagamama, which is this UK-based chain restaurant that we love that has ONLY TWO American locations, both in Massachusetts; and I'm hoping to get to Portland at least once to visit Longfellow Books, which I adore. So much reading!


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