7 Facts About Me and Running

7 Facts About Me and Running

Inspired by Trish and Andi who wrote about their running experiences last week, I thought I'd throw in my two cents about my own.

They both already did a great job giving running tips. I don't have a lot more to share in that regard. I know people like to write "Facts About Me" posts and I never do them because I can't come up with any interesting facts about myself. Running facts are a different story. After running for years, there are a few things I've learned about myself and running. So here are 7 Facts About Me and Running.

  1. It took me two attempts at the Couch to 5K for running to stick. The first time I completed the program, but I bailed on running soon after I ran my first race. I had a dozen excuses: it was summer and hot, I didn't have time, etc. I had to do the program again because my body forgot everything. The second time I kept running every week and it stuck. I've been running for 5 years since that second C25K.  
  2. I am not a natural athlete. I was never sporty. I was a skinny, nerdy teen. Running made want to vomit. When I decided to run, I was skeptical. Starting the program was hard! I almost gave up every week. I'm still not a fast runner.
  3. I hate races. Some people live for races. They sign up for everything: 5K, 10K, half marathons, marathons, Iron Man races. Not me. I don't like crowds. I don't like standing around outside listening to speeches waiting for the race to start. I just want to run! NOW! The advice I was told during the C25K program was to sign up for races to stay motivated. Races don't motivate me. I have personal motivations, mostly regarding health. If races motivate you, that's great! But it's not for me.
  4. I like to run alone. If I waited for all the people who said they were going to run with me to actually do it, I'd never leave the house. Those meet ups never seem to happen. Not that it matters. I like running by myself. I can go as fast or slow as I want. I can listen to my music. Most importantly I can just step out of the house whenever I feel like it and go!
  5. My favorite running weather is overcast. Overcast with maybe a light drizzle. No wind. Around 12 C. If every day could be like that, it would be perfect. Usually around here the wind is screeching like a banshee! (Like today. Argh!)
  6. I have RBF. Running Bitch Face. My husband saw me running one day and told me later that I looked like I was about to murder someone. Maybe this is the real reason I run alone!
  7. I have a distinctive gait. My daughter says she recognizes me on my route because of the way I run. One of my knees turns in when I run. I try to correct it but it doesn't help. It's because of how I'm built. It might explain #2. I hate running with my shadow. I can see how weird I look. It makes me very self-conscious. 

Miscellaneous. Both Andi and Trish mentioned music in their posts and I couldn't agree more! If you need a couple of songs to add to your running playlist, here are a few I can't do without right now: Army of Me (Bjork), Go (The Chemical Brothers), Enter Sandman (Metallica), and Dance (Rebecca and Fiona). I don't have any favorite running apps, but I love my Garmin watch. 

Are you a runner? Have you done the C25K? Can you relate to any of my facts? 


  1. I'm a walker - I don't think my knees could take running - and I can relate to a few of this things.

  2. I love hearing about other bloggers' running experiences. It took me a few tries to get into running as well, so glad to hear I'm not alone in that!

  3. ALL OF THIS! I love running alone, I was just thinking the other day that I don't think races will motivate me. I might do some races to try, but right now I THINK I'm more interested in doing virtual races for organizations I care about. Overcast is DEFINITELY the best running weather. I hate hate hate running in the sun. Going to investigate these songs now!

  4. I've done C25k - mostly to prove it to myself. My goal was to place in my age group in a couple of races and I did that. I also did a half marathon - (2/3 running and 1/3 walking) again to prove to myself I could meet my goal.

    Running just never 'took' for me though. I did it, I set some goals and met them but it's definitely not my preferred form of exercise. I'm a walker when it comes to outdoor stuff and a rower for indoor exercise.

    As for music, even when I was running I never listened to music. I have to be able to hear cars and bicyclists coming up behind me so it's just not something I ever do.

    I prefer to walk alone partly because I enjoy the time to myself but mostly because people can't keep up with my pace.

  5. I have a funny gait too! Right now I am a walker. I had a toenail removed, and it can't handle the trauma of running while it is growing back.

  6. Love your take on this! I might have to file this idea away for a rainy day. I like to run alone as well and considering I haven't done the 10K race that I said I would for the past few YEARS, races don't necessarily motivate me either. I have absolutely no desire to run more than 10K, though. More power to the long distance runners out there, but no thank you. :)

    I'm guessing I probably have running bitch face. I also mouth along to the songs I'm listening to...which I'm sure is really annoying when I do run inside on the treadmill. And yes, all the overcast skies, please! Yesterday was so humid here, but there was no sun and I loved it.

  7. I haven't got to a point where I am okay with running... After everything with my ankle I can't even walk fast let alone run. Maybe one day I will catch the running bug!

  8. I've been running for almost two years now. I run alone but I don't listen to music while doing so. It's not that I wouldn't like some music in the background but I feel I must hear what's happening around me. Call me overcautious or insecure. Oh, and I am a terrain runner - it might be caused by that.

    I used to hate running but two years ago I decided the races and competitions were two features that disturbed me the most, not the exercise itself. And hell, I needed exercise. Even now when I see huge crowds participating in, say, a marathon, I immediately feel sick. Gym and crowds and closed spaces are not exactly my thing either.


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