#Oneword Efficiency Update

I guess the middle of March is a good a time as any to look at my One Word progress. If you'll remember, my word for 2016 was Efficient. I am aiming to be more efficient this year.

How Am I Doing?

I'm not sure if I can quantify my progress, it's more a feeling of whether I'm getting more done or not. The problem is that once I accomplish one thing, I think of at least two more projects to take its place. Am I getting farther ahead or is this a game that will never end until I am dead? (Sorry! Uplifting, I know.) This is something I am beginning to realize. There will never be enough time to do all the things I want to do. I think I have to be happy with the things I do accomplish. Finishing something is a thing to celebrate!

 Are There Any Tricks to Being More Efficient?

I said I would post any tricks, if I could. Keep in mind, I am currently unemployed. Getting things accomplished helps with my mental health while not working. It also means I have more time to get stuff at home done.

  • Get up early. Getting up at a time close to when I would get up while I had a job, helps me feel like I'm getting things done. I can go for groceries in the morning and avoid the crowds. I can get to the gym and get that out of the way before moving onto other things. 
  • Make lists and follow them. About a month ago I realized that I was spending too much time standing in line at the grocery store. I was there almost everyday, because I, or someone in my family, would suddenly "need" something that was forgotten the last time I was there. I've made a rule that if they don't write what they need on my list before I go, they will have to wait until the next time I go: once a week! Funny how they don't need so much stuff now. 
  • Unitask. According to Note to Self: Infomagical, multitasking is a myth. There is a bunch of research that says you only feel like you are accomplishing more. Unitasking is what we should be doing. This is hard for me. Doing one thing takes so loooooong. I have been trying to complete projects before moving onto new ones, with mixed results. I have finished knitting one pair of socks (both feet!) and made the family photo album for 2015. That said, I don't think there is anything wrong with listening to audiobooks for review while doing mindless tasks. 
  • Careful with social media. It can be so easy to get sucked into Twitter! During Infomagical week, one of the tasks was to clean out my phone of apps that didn't "bring me joy." I didn't have that many to delete. Most of my apps are functional, I'm not into that many games. I went through my social media instead. I purged my Twitter following list that week. I want more joy from my Twitter feed. I was finding that a lot of accounts I followed just added to my anxiety. I also get more done when my phone is in another room. Go figure. 
  • Use planners. Planners are all the rage. I had two and a bunch of journals, plus the calendar on my phone. Too many for me! I've culled it down to one and one on my phone. (I'm also using Evernote for blogging tasks.)  Writing out my tasks for the week helps me focus and reminds me of what I have to do that week. There is nothing more aggravating then when my phone blings to remind me that I have an appointment I forgot about in a half hour. 

What Next?

Right now I'm checking out Pinterest to see if they have anything useful there and incorporate it into what I'm already doing. If I see something I'd like to try, I'll report back later. I might do parts of Infomagical again. 


  1. It sounds like you're doing awesome! Lists are a huge part of my life -- I have lists for everything, and there are few things more psychically satisfying than crossing things OFF my lists.

  2. I was thinking of purging my Twitter feed, too, but it sounds like sooooo much work.

  3. You've totally inspired me! Great work on your theme. I love the idea of putting the phone in another room to maximize efficiency.

    This year I read David Allen's "Getting Things Done" and his idea of targeting the exact next action is my new favorite productivity trick. ("Go to paint store to look at color samples" [doable] instead of "Paint the house" [overwhelming project])

    Best wishes as you continue on the efficiency path!

  4. Yay, I'm super impressed and inspired to do some of these things now!! I feel like I struggle with efficiency; like time gets away from me. It's super hard to unitask and get up early, but I really need a routine and to focus! Thanks for sharing your progress!

  5. You sound pretty efficient based on this post. Good luck continuing to make it part of your 2016!


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