My Thoughts on I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson

I Quit Sugar

I've never been into fad diets. They never seem sustainable to me. I've always believed that if you eat a balanced diet and don't overindulge too often, you'll be okay. I found out that maybe I wasn't doing so good.

I started tracking my eating habits a few years ago with an app called My Fitness Pal. I couldn't believe how much sugar I ate in a day. There is so much hidden sugar in everything. I set out to cut it back this past January. Not for any particular reason, no one told me I had to, but I wanted to give it a try and see if I could at least reduce the amount a day.

There are lots of blogs and books out there about getting off of sugar. I picked Sarah Wilson's book I Quit Sugar because I could get it from the library. Not for any other reason. I started my sugar-free experiment in January and while I'm doing okay-ish, I'm getting a bit bored. Every morning it's an omelette and a spinach salad for lunch. What I need are recipes.

Before she gets to the recipes in her book, she discusses how she quit sugar. She had some health issues and thought sugar was the culprit. Like me, Sarah decided to experiment with cutting out sugar and advises others to do the same. Her method is an 8 week program: a week to cut back, a detox (no fruit), and then a gradual adding of sweetness back into your diet.

She makes a lot of scientific claims, but doesn't back it up with studies. Show me the science! at times she contradicts herself, so it can be hard to follow her advice. Anyway, I'm not planning on cutting out all sugar (psst...I had a small piece of fudge last night). I just want to be more aware and have snack and meal alternatives.

Which brings me to the recipes...

Breakfast: More eggs. Eggs everywhere! Though I have to admit, they are pretty filling. There were a couple of other alternatives here: chia puddings and parfaits, granola. There are some pancake recipes too.

Smoothies: A bunch a smoothie recipes I haven't tried yet.

Meals: Lots of soups.

Snacks: The famous kale chip, and a cracker that sounds like bird food.

Desserts: Some cream or cheese based desserts. Also Raspberries Ripple, a frozen raspberry concoction. Note: She uses brown rice syrup as a sweetener. I don't know why this is so special. I had to hunt all over town for it. I ended up finding it at Bulk Barn.

Ingredients. Some of the ingredients were challenging to find (see the brown rice syrup comment) and I hope I will end up using the stuff. Some of it wasn't cheap.

Coconut in Everything If she can find a way to cram coconut in something, she will. Coconut oil, raw coconut, flakes, and flour.

Sprouted nuts? Every time nuts come up, she wants them "sprouted" aka soaked. She gives some blah-blah-blah about it that sounds like BS to me. I looked this up and the supposed benefits are so few that it doesn't seem worth the effort.

In the end, this book has some good pointers on curbing cravings, a couple of recipes that aren't too bad, and some ideas that should be taken with a grain of salt.

I did get a new granola recipe out of it.

I Quit Sugar


  1. There is so much conflicting advice out there when it comes to diet and health so, like you, I want facts/studies to back up claims.

    1. Yes, when I started looking into cutting out sugar, I found so much conflicting info I thought about forgetting the whole thing.

  2. I don't know. She sounds a little kooky.

    I think in October, I vowed to reduce my intake of salt and a few other things because of my horrible doctor visit and the lecture I got afterward. I actually followed through and have lost about 20 lbs but now that my insurance and providers are all different, these guys are hard core preventative medicine and are really getting on me to cut out more and to ultimately lose more. Needless to say, I am evaluating meal planning these days and really have to think twice about what I put ON my food. I eat well, but I tend to put stuff on it like sauces and butter. I love butter. And I am not a sweet gal but there is a lot of sugar even when you aren't looking to have it.

    1. Sugar seems to be in everything. Now I'm noticing that my salt intake has increased. And fat. I feel like water and air is the only thing left!

  3. I hate coconut. So these recipes would've work for me.

    My uncle cut sugar out of his diet years ago. He was having tons of back pain and decided cutting out sugar would help (it did). It's amazing how many things he can't eat, though.

  4. No science to back up her claims? Sounds like quack medicine to me. I know cutting out sugar is on the whole better for you, but whose to say her method isn't worse? I don't know. I still think moderation is the key.


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