Penguin Appreciation Day

Did you know that January 20th is Penguin Appreciation Day? Well, it is! Don't have a penguin near you to appreciate? How about some Penguin books instead!

Here are some Penguin Classics, cloth covered editions. I appreciate these so much I would like more.

Just a few of my Penguin softcovers: Classic and Modern Classic. You can appreciate Penguins on the cheap.

And something completely different: Penguin postcards. Classic old timey Penguin covers in postcard from. Appreciate them by sending them to friends or hanging them on your wall!

Appreciate your Penguins today!

Penguins out!


  1. Yayyyy penguins! That gif is a heart melter ;)

  2. Well done, penguins! Well done on all fronts! (I am trying to learn Spanish as one of my New Year's Resolutions, and so I can now say "penguin" in Spanish. It's...basically the same as in English. BUT STILL.)

  3. Awwwww! We need more penguin gifs in our lives.

  4. Great take on Penguin appreciation! Some of their editions really make me happy, just looking at them.


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