One More Thing by BJ Novak

After reading Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me? I put One More Thing on hold at library. BJ Novak is Mindy's best friend. They love each other to pieces, and since I like Mindy, I was sure I would love this too.

Not so much.

Here's the thing. There were some issues with the writing that I wasn't a fan of, but I think listening to the audiobook might have been a bigger issue. Anyone who has ever watched The Office for more than 5 minutes would realize that BJ Novak's character is an asshole. Sure, Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson also play terrible characters, but they are so over the top it's easy to see that it's a ridiculous persona. BJ Novak's character is a swarmy, smug guy, and it's believable enough that I cannot separate that character from his voice as he reads his own words. Especially since so many of the short stories feature those kind of guys.

Why can't I believe you?
That's a me problem.

On to the actual words in this book.

It started out well enough. The Rematch was cute, The Something by John Grisham was funny, but as I continued on through the stories they all seemed to be more of the same. Repetition throughout each story was also a problem for me, and not as easy to skip over in audio. It seemed to me that he was trying too hard to be clever. The blurb says it was workshopped at comedy clubs and it feels it. By the time I got to Kellogg's I was hoping this collection would be done soon. Not even close.

If I could have picked maybe 10 of these stories, discarded the rest, and created my own edition, I would have been happy.

Lots of people loved this, but it was not for me. I feel bad about it, because deep down inside I know this will keep me and Mindy from becoming bffs.

About the Audio: See above. Also, Novak has a bunch of famous people narrate some of the stories, including Mindy Kaling, Rainn Wilson, Julianne Moore. So points for using those people. 

One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories


  1. I can see the audio issue, especially with a BJ/Ryan voice. But the guest voices would have been neat.

    I read the hard copy, and could flip around, read a one page story, then settle in for a longer one.

  2. Ahh, I totally get that. I might've liked it less if he was reading it to me.

  3. And that is why I have not listened or read Mindy Kaling's book. I really did not like her character on The Office and so therefore have no desire to read anything she wrote. I can't even watch her new show. Go figure.

  4. Aww bummer this wasn't as good as Kaling's stuff. I've sort of kept this on my radar but haven't been running out to pick it up, and I think part of it is thinking of his character on the Office and like you I KNOW he's not actually Ryan. But still.


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