American Housewife by Helen Ellis, Meh

I may have listened to this too close to reading Little Tales of Misogyny. It pales in comparison.

American Housewife is a collection of twelve short stories* by Helen Ellis. They are similar in theme as they are about wives of some variety and the women are all a little kooky. They seem to be a particular kind of American woman: wealthy and white.

What I can say about American Housewife is that there are a lot of good ideas here but nothing really struck me as great. It was...okay. Some of these stories were lists and that got old pretty fast. I don't mind lists, as long as you got some meat to your collection.

The email exchanges between the two women in The Wainscoting War were entertaining with things getting catty in a hurry. I found Dead Doormen to be both dark and sad- a woman marries a man who treats her like a glorified maid. Hello! Welcome to Bookclub was not what I expected and I kind of liked that.

In the end, I thought most of the stories rather forgettable. A few made me chuckle, but there was nothing that stuck out.

*If lists can be counted as short stories??? 

About the Audio: The short stories were narrated by a number of women. They all did a fine job.

Thanks to Random House Audio for the review copy. All opinions are my own.


  1. I felt the exact same way about this one! I enjoyed Dumpster Diving and The Bra Fitter and thought the others were just okay...nothing more.

    1. I liked The Bra Fitter too. Overall, it was okay and that's all.

  2. This one's getting mixed reviews so I may skip it for now. I have to say, though, that I adore that cover.

  3. Yeah, no. Definitely not for me.

  4. Lists do tend to be rather forgettable. I wonder how this got published.


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