Picking Favorites: #AMonthofFaves Post


Today’s A Month of Faves post is pretty straightforward. Highlight a few posts from the other participants! I’m really enjoying this look back on the year. Here are some that popped out at me this week.

Andi’s list of Favorite Makeup Buys

Tara from Reading n Running has the cutest doggy!

Suzi posted some beautiful photos of the beach at Whimpulsive.

I got serious travel envy from Welsey at Library Educated’s photos of Prague.

One of Raidergirl’s favorite things was her son coming to play basketball for the local university here. Aw!

I know I probably missed a million other favorite posts, and will remember them later but that’s all I can think of now. Check out all the posts for the week at A Month of Faves.

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  1. Love ALLLLL of these posts, and thanks for shouting out my makeup post!


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