My Favorite Chrisbookarama Posts: #AMonthofFaves

My Favorite Posts

Wow, we're at the end of A Month of Faves! That was quite a month, and quite a year! I loved looking back at my blogging year. Big thanks to Andi, Tamara, and Tanya for hosting.

For today, I had to pick my five favorite posts of 2015. Looking back, these are the ones I enjoyed writing the most.

1. I had opinions on this opinion: Reading Competitively?

2. I gave some blogging advice, mostly about relaxing: Take My Advice...Bloggiesta Style

3. For something different, I tried baking with lavender: Pinteresting Baking With Lavender

4. I got creative with Picktochart and vampires: Carmilla vs Dracula Infographic.

5. And finally, MY FAVORITE- FAVORITE, a bookish tribute to Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Book List

These posts might not have been the most popular, or had the most comments, but they were fun to create. Just remembering the process of writing them gives me a boost!

Thanks to the hosts of A Month of Faves and for all of you for reading! I hope you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


  1. I love your lavender post too. It was so interesting. I have to say I think the ones you listed were all of my favorites of your posts this year. Who doesn't love a good ode to Alanis, after all?

    1. Thanks! When I look back, the posts I had the most fun writing are my favorites.


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