Flipp, A Useful App: #AMonthofFaves Post

When I read the prompt for today’s A Month of Faves post, I knew exactly what I was going to push on all of you. Flipp.

Flipp is a shopping app. It’s the best shopping app! Every week I get the flyers (circulars), go through them, and then immediately forget where all the deals are. I usually end up digging through the recycling, asking, “Where was X on sale again?”

All of the week’s sales flyers for your area are uploaded onto the app, which is great enough, but it’s even better than that. You can circle items on the page that interest you, the app “clips” them and saves it to a separate page. When you go shopping, you just have to look on that page. No looking through the flyers again.

They’ve recently added another feature: coupon match-up. The app finds a coupon to match sales in the flyers for the best deals.

Most of the time you have to print out the coupon, but hopefully in the future that won’t be necessary.

When you open the app and enter your postal (zip) code, the page fills up with the flyers in your area. You can decide how you want to flip through them: by category, featured, latest, alphabetically, or favorites. I like favorites because I don’t want to bother looking through flyers of stores where I never shop.

But that’s not all! Flipp has a shopping list feature too. As you add items to the list, Flipp let’s you know there are sales for those items. You can pick the best ones and add them to Clippings. Then the app reminds you that you found a deal by putting a circled number next to the item on your list.

So yeah, Flipp is a great little shopping helper! I hope I convinced you to try it out. It’s available through iTunes and Google Play.


  1. That looks so useful! Definitely going to check it out!

  2. You've totally convinced to try it! Although my mom does most of the grocery shopping and she says she's too old to figure this out. SMH

  3. Thanks so much for letting me know about this app! I downloaded it immediately and have used it for groceries this week already. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Thank again!

  4. This looks amazing!!!!! I love shopping apps that make things easier.

  5. This does look awesome! Thanks!!!

  6. I have to try this! Weekly I look through our circulrs, write down what's on sale and where, and then head to the grocery store. But this app looks like it will up my game a lot!


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