Favorites This Week: #AMonthofFaves Post

Hey all! Ready for some links? A Month of Favorites asks us to pick out some posts from other participants to highlight. Here a few that caught my eye.

Sarah's Book Shelves has a list of Blog Resources for the Non-Tech Savvy. Some I haven't seen before or forgot about.

Apparently, everyone loves Canva. I've been missing out!

Raidergirls's list of Five Must Haves for Winter Survival is close to my heart since we're practically neighbours. #stormchips

This is not related to A Month of Favorites but Jenny from Reading the End is recapping Jessica Jones. Watch the show, then check it out!


  1. I found tons of great sites.

    Thanks to everyone.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My A Month of Faves

  2. I SOOOO need to get on with watching Jessica Jones! Not sure what's holding me back.

  3. I LOVE TRISH SO MUCH. I just watched the episode where she and Simpson sleep together for the first time, and afterward Trish is like, "Last night was fun but that doesn't mean I want your opinion." Ahahahah. TRISH.


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