You Can’t Stay Hidden Forever

Karen E Olson is back with a new series! She’s gone back to her crime thriller roots in Hidden.

Nicole Jones has lived on Block Island for fifteen years. She makes a living through the tourist trade, giving bike tours and selling art. Cash only. She doesn’t have a driver’s licence or a credit card. She doesn’t own a computer. Her friends think she’s eccentric. Some even think she’s hiding from an ex. They have no idea who she’s really hiding from.

She can’t hide forever. A man from her past comes looking for her. Asking, well demanding, she do one more favour for him. What he knows about her past could ruin her life on the island, as well as possibly get her killed.

It’s obvious that “Nicole Jones” isn’t the person she says she is. Somewhat of a loner she hasn’t told her new friends much about herself in fifteen years. They’re pretty accepting of her. Even though it’s a small island, people tend to mind their own business. When odd things start happening to Nicole, they begin questioning who she really is, not out of fear OF her, but fear FOR her. It’s one of the things I liked most about Hidden. Nicole, knowing what she does, tries to keep her secrets to herself, out of fear that her friends knowing too much would get them hurt. There’s also the shame of what she did fifteen years ago keeping her from sharing too much.

The details surrounding Nicole’s past her relationship to the mysterious man who finds her are slowly revealed over the course of the novel. Is this a good guy or a bad guy? What does he want from her?

Computer hacking plays a big part of the story and I don’t know enough about that to comment on how realistic the situations are. I still can’t figure out Facebook’s privacy settings. The references were vague enough to keep me in the story though. Thank goodness.

homer computer
I'm not quite this bad.

I’ve enjoyed Karen’s series in the past. The Tattoo Mysteries were fun, but I’m glad she’s returned to the grittier stories. The stakes are much higher. Nicole doesn’t go looking for trouble, it finds her.

This is the first in a three part series. I’m glad, since the ending left me feeling unsatisfied. I want more.  I need to know what will happen to Nicole next.



Thanks to Karen E Olson* and Severn House Publishers for the review copy. All opinions are my own.
*(I know Karen from the Internet.)


  1. I was worried when you mentioned hacking but was relieved when you said the details are vague. I'll have to check this out.

  2. This does sound good, although I'm a little put off by the series thing.


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