Take a Terrifying Walk Through The Woods With Emily Carroll

through the woods
Simultaneously beautiful and horrifying.

The woods are dark and mysterious. There are secrets hidden there. Emily Carroll would have you believe that, anyway. In these five deliciously macabre short stories, the characters face the secret forces hidden in the forest.

* Our Neighbor’s House. Three Sisters await their father’s return, while being visited by a mysterious smiling man in a hat.
*A Lady’s Hands Are Cold. A bluebeard fairy tale-like story of a new wife haunted by a mournful song.
*His Face All Red. A man murders his brother in the woods only to have a doppelganger return in his place.
*My Friend Janna. Two girls prank their neighbours by pretending to be mediums. The game becomes real when one of the friends is stalked by a spirit.
*The Nesting Place. An orphaned girl visits her brother and his new wife, but she suspects there is something off about the lady.

Carroll chooses to tell her stories with short sentences, eerie illustrations, and ambiguous endings. There isn’t a lot of exposition. The reader has to decide what has happened in each story. Those are my favorite type of scary story.

There is something old fashioned and gothic about each of them. None are set in the modern era. From the clothes and hair styles, the reader gets an idea of when the stories have happened, from centuries to decades ago. It gave me a cold and creepy feeling.

Through the Woods is a perfect book for a dark fall evening. I loved all of it.  If you’d like to get a feel for Carroll’s work, she has a website with a number of web comics.

*graphic by Abigail Larson

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  1. Have you read her webcomic, The Hole the Fox Did Make? It is just as creepy as the stories in Through the Woods. I love Emily Carroll.


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