Comically Canadian: Step Aside, Pops by Kate Beaton

step aside pops
In a follow up to Hark! A Vagrant, Kate Beaton offers another collection of her best comics in Step Aside Pops.

Her comics defy explanation, so here’s a brief list of what you’ll find:
  • Do you even lift, Cinderella?
  • All the crazy parts of Wuthering Heights
  • Strong Female Characters (sexism is over!)
  • The real secret of The Secret Garden
  • Famous historical dudes being silly
  • Ida B Wells
  • More Brontes
  • Home for Nasty Boys
  • An interpretation of Nancy Drew book covers
  • An interpretation of other book covers
  • What is really going on in that Public Domain art
  • Straw Feminists
  • Poets being poets
  • Canada stuff

So, you know, the usual. A little bit of historical, a bit of pop culture, a bit of literature. It’s comics for smart people. (I didn’t get everything, truth be told.)

My favorite is Nasty a comic involving a ‘Nasty Boy’ from Janet Jackson’s music video. Nasty Boys have feelings too.

The title comes from a strip she created about an old timey biker lady. Her inspiration was a Victorian satirical cartoon of a woman on a bike running over a man.

step aside pops 1

It’s a perfect title considering how Kate Beaton has taken over the comics world. If you see her coming, you better step aside.


  1. I love Kate Beaton's comics! My sister keeps promising to lend me Hark a Vagrant so I can go through it properly (I've only read a few comics so far), but she hasn't yet followed through on that promise :P Great recommendation :)

  2. This is sitting in my readathon stack and I'm SO excited. It's the one I'm having the hardest time saving until Saturday!

    Kate Beaton is so awesome, and also so hard to describe, but you've done a great job here!


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