Fall Bloggiesta Baby!


Bloggiesta time again! Do you have a blog? Do you need to do some maintenance or want to make changes? Bloggiesta weekend is the perfect time for that. September 17-20. Work on your blog as much as you can in that time and check out what others are doing on the main site.

Here’s what I’ll be up to:

  • Brainstorm and write posts. (3 posts written)
  • Update review page.
  • Organize stock photos for blogging.
  • Figure out how to use Piktochart for future blog posts.
  • Remember to use blogging calendar! And put something in it.
  • Back up blog.
  • Clean out email (shouldn’t be too bad now).
  • Book cull and bookshelf organizing. (Maybe??)
  • Twitter chat.
A big thing for me is figuring out a way to be more organized. I have Evernote but do not utilize it well. If you’re an Evernote user and blogger, how do you use it? Any tips would be great.

Hope to get lots done this weekend!


  1. Woah, Piktochart looks amazing. Best of luck with all your bloggiesta goals!

  2. I had almost forgotten that Bloggiesta was coming up this weekend. Thank goodness I put it on my Google calendar with a reminder email! You've got a great list - I can't wait to read about what you accomplish this weekend.


  3. I use Evernote for post templates. I keep a copy of the bare bones HTML - including formatting and images - for each type of post I write. Then, whenever I am ready to start a new post, I just copy and paste the code and do not have to reinvent the wheel each time. It really is a lifesaver. Plus, I can access Evernote anywhere. I do not need to be at my home computer to start a new post.

    1. Thanks, I did that today. I don't have a lot of posts like that, but the ones I do need this.


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