Destiny’s Captive, Didn’t Captivate

destiny's captive

A romance with a lady pirate should be my jam, but there was less lady piracy than I wished in Destiny’s Captive.

Things take off like a shot. When Noah Yates was a young man he was set upon by a press gang and forced to work aboard a ship. He’s got major PTSD from this episode of his life but it did put the sea in his veins. He’s now a successful businessman with his own ship to captain. Even though his brothers in California are successful in their own right, they’re also all married. However for Noah, his life, his lover, his lady is the sea.

Business is great, until a lady pirate in disguise steals his ship. Noah vows REVENGE! and sets out to find the woman who took his ship. The lady, Pilar Banderas, is a Cuban rebel and freedom fighter. Noah’s ship is sunk during a battle with the Spanish. Oops.

In a bizarre coincidence, Noah and Pilar attend the same party. Once he recognizes her as the pirate who took his ship, he…must…marry her! Like right then and there, pretty much. No one can understand his love for the sea and high adventure like she can. So once he convinces her to marry him, they do the logical thing for two lovers of the sea, they ride a train to a ranch in California. And here’s where Destiny’s Captive becomes a different book.

Noah and Pilar are polite to each other. They have nice, polite sexytimes. His family is polite to Pilar. She’s well mannered and polite to his family. It’s so boring. I hadn’t read the other two books, so I didn’t care about the other wedding or anything else going on at the ranch. I almost quit reading at this point, because it was just dragging on.


I did stick it out and things pick up quite a bit in the last few chapters. They never do sail off into the sunset though.

I did think there were some positive things about Destiny’s Captive. The history, the Caribbean setting, the characters are well written. Beverly Jenkins can WRITE, there is no doubt about it. I just feel like she had to have all the characters from the series together in California. I wish she had let them have high seas adventures instead. Or had Noah chase Pilar all over the ocean first. THEN head to California to meet the family.

I loved Pilar at the beginning of the novel. She’s tough, brave. She wears disguises! I couldn’t help imagining Dutch from Killjoys as Pilar at this point. Dutch is a ship’s captain. She has a nefarious family history. Her men respect her, and she kicks ass.


Once Pilar gets together with Noah, the woman who vowed to never marry settles right into wedded bliss. She worries about the money he spends on her, how her lack of style might embarrass him, and even asks about having children. Who is this woman?! Where did her freedom fighting dreams go?

If you are looking for adventure and pirates and rebels, look elsewhere. If you are looking to finish up the Destiny series, then read Destiny’s Captive.

About the audio: Destiny’s Captive is narrated by Thomas Penny, who has a very nice voice, but… I shouldn’t listen to romance on audio, or read by a man. I felt weird about it. Also, he read the book slowly which probably didn’t help the boring bits. Sorry, Mr Penny.


  1. A romance novel read by a man? Er...

    1. Ha! Yeah, that was my brain every time a sexy scene would start. I fast forwarded through them.


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