A Great Sleuth Pairing That Never Was


This time of year makes me think of The Woman In White. If you remember, The Woman In White had this amazing, brave, and smart main character: Marian Halcombe. (Let’s forget about Walter here.) Capable Marian who did her best to protect her empty-headed sister while the sister’s boyfriend was off painting pictures in South America and being useless. Okay, she wasn’t the main main character, but she was the best and there wasn’t enough of her in the book.

I started reading Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple mysteries and couldn’t think of a better pair of sleuths than these two. If someone hasn’t written fan fiction about them, they should. It’s perfect: Miss Marple could do all the thinking, and Marian all the investigating. Let’s pretend that they lived in the same era and Marian moved to St Mary’s Mead to get away from Walter and Laura.

Miss Marple: Marian, I was just thinking of the time Mr Whistby lost his portmanteau and he found it later at the train station. Silly boy! That reminds me, I think you should go and poke about the train tracks where that young lady disappeared.

Marian: I’m on it! But first I must scale a wall in the rain and spy on the suspected murderer through the window.

Miss Marple: Well, be careful and take an umbrella. We don’t want you catching brain fever again. (Finishes knitting a sock.)

Why isn’t someone writing this? I would read the hell out of that book. I would read the whole series!

"Miss Marple First Image" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Miss_Marple_First_Image.jpg#/media/File:Miss_Marple_First_Image.jpg


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