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After signing up for Comixology a while ago, I finally bought my first comics. I really like being able to buy online. Say what you will about times-a-changing, but I still feel weird buying myself comics as a forty-something year old woman. Not to mention there aren’t many places to buy them here anymore. The Comixology app is great; I like it.

Let me get to the point of this post. I read the first issues of two new Canadian comic book series: We Stand On Guard and Power Up.


Creators: Brian K Vaughan and Steve Skroce
Publisher: Image Comics
Rated: 17+
We Stand On Guard is a war comic set in a dystopian future. In 2113, the United States appears to be at war with everyone except Canada, but that is about to change. After the Americans blow up her home and kill her parents, Amber goes underground. Eleven years later, she joins a band of Canadian freedom fighters known as the Two-Fours.

In the first issue, Amber has to prove she’s not a spy to become a part of the group. The first thing one of the members asks is a question about hockey. I love that she says she doesn’t like hockey. If there was a stereotype that has to die it’s that all Canadians love hockey. Do all Americans love baseball? Probably not.

So, why has the United States invaded Canada? The answer is that it has something to do with water. Not entirely implausible.

power up
Creators: Kate Leth and Matt Cummings
Publisher: Boom! Studios
Rated: 9+
Power Up is a much lighter series. Twenty-three year old pet store cashier Amie comes into contact with an alien being while at work. Amie doesn’t love her job, though she does love animals. It’s clear that’s she’s just getting by in life. I’m sure this event is going to change everything. I don’t know what’s going to happen next but there will be shenanigans.

These two series couldn’t be more different, but I appreciate that the main characters in both are young women. We Stand On Guard is realistically drawn in that classic superhero style. Power Up is more cartoony and cute.

We Stand on Guard is dark. There is violence and dire situations. It’s not what I look for in my entertainment, but I like the storytelling and can’t wait to see how it plays out over the six issues.
Power Up is adorable and so charming. It’s an all ages comic, so it’s this mom approved. The fact that it has ties to Nova Scotia doesn’t hurt its appeal either. It is also a six issue series.

The only thing I don’t like about these comics is that they’re so short! Just as I was getting into the story, it ends. I guess that will keep me coming back.

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  1. Although I believe you, I'm having trouble reconciling the fact that We Stand on Guard is "dark" while it features Canadian freedom fighters called the Two-Fours. Should comics make me laugh out loud? That sure did!


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