Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Computer Woes


Hello!!! I’m on the blog. Woot! I’ve had a week of computer troubles. I had to refresh my computer (twice) and then download all my programs again (twice). The first time was a hard drive space issue. The second, well, let me say that bad things happen when you forget to turn on your virus protection. Bad things.


But, I’m back! Up and fully functioning once again. During this down time, I finished a couple of books: a short story collection from Nalo Hopkinson Falling In Love With Hominids, and The Night Sister (audiobook) by Jennifer McMahon. I have mixed feelings about both and will put my thoughts together in the next weeks. I also started an anthology of old timey British mysteries starring Sherlock Holmes and others.

In non-book news, I’m caught up with Penny Dreadful (what a crazy show), Wayward Pines (ditto), and enjoyed the latest instalment of Sharknado (Oh Hell No!). In one of these, a woman gave birth in a shark as it fell from space to Earth. You work it out.

I’ve been doing a lot of indoor activities because the weather is awful. Seriously, no sun, rain, cold. It is the worst. I would just like to have warm feet. If you are somewhere hot, send me some of that and I’ll send this weather to you.

Hopefully I will have something more interesting to blog about next time.


  1. I would GLADLY send you 70% of the heat my state is currently experiencing. It is a million degrees here and they keep issuing horrible heat advisories about how we are never going to escape from the heat ever again. My Christmas cactus is wilting very forlornly. I'd like to pray for rain, but I fear that rain would come and it would cool off nothing and only make everything humid and bring mosquitoes.

    1. The only good thing about this weather is the lack of mosquitoes. :(

  2. I missed the Sharknado fun(?) but saw the commentary on Twitter. I can't decide whether I need to watch it when they put it on Netflix or run far away screaming. I do sort of want to see the woman giving birth in a shark. Because, you know, THAT'S realistic.

    I hope you are getting some warmer weather! Ours has finally turned into summer weather. I don't think I like it, but I know I shouldn't complain.

    1. So realistic! She didn't even take her pants off. But the Sharknado movies are stupid fun.


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