Lazy Sunday Thoughts: Blogging Thoughts

It’s June tomorrow! Finally, the weather has turned, it’s even a bit warmer than usual. Yay! I thought it would be August before the snow would melt. I can barely remember the 8000 feet of snow I shovelled just a couple of months ago. Humans have such short memories. If we didn’t everyone here would have moved to Florida by now.

Anyway, I have not read much this week. I’ve been puttering around outside while I can. I’ve been playing with my camera and some new filters I bought. I was going to write about trying to read Colette’s The Pure and the Impure but that turned into a whole ‘nother post.

I did change my blog header. I’m going to live with it for a bit and see how I like it. I might have to change my blogger icon since it doesn’t match anymore. Psst, over there ------->

The following isn’t meant to rain on anyone’s parade. Just some observations I had.

I was going to put up a few posts at the end of last week, but I thought they would get lost in the plethora of Armchair BEA posts. The odd things is… I didn’t see that many of those posts in my Bloglovin feed. I could count them on one hand. What happened? Was there a lack of interest within my group of book blogger peeps? Maybe they hadn’t heard that Armchair BEA was happening this year. I only knew because someone tweeted about it. From the look of the webpage, it doesn’t seem to have as many participants this year as some of the years before.

Perhaps this is just a product of the ebb and flow of the internet. Some events lose their novelty after awhile. As for myself, I didn’t participate because I felt like I didn’t have anything to say. I am interested to read about some of the events at BEA that were posted on the Armchair BEA site.
There also seemed to be fewer people in Twitter feed attending the Book Expo this year. This may have just been a product of my Twitter purging though.

Book Friends, did you attend BEA or participate in Armchair BEA this year? If not, was it lack of interest, scheduling issues, you weren’t aware of it, or forgot? I’m curious.


  1. I did go to BEA and I didn't think it was as crowded or energetic as it has been in past years.

  2. I like the new header!

    I thought about going to BEA this year, but it seemed like not many people were going and then I heard it will be in Chicago next year. I'd much rather go to that. As for Armchair BEA, I agree it was SUPER quiet this year. Even the IG hashtags were like dead air. I know at least one of the founders wasn't part of it this year, so maybe that had something to do with it.

  3. I didn't go to BEA. It's a little expensive for me since I am in Ca. I didn't participate in Armchair BEA either. I like the event but I never seem to have time for it. These days I am lucky if my Sunday Matters post goes up weekly. I just don't have the energy but I love interacting with other bloggers so it's not a community thing. Just a lack of time.

  4. Not many of the bloggers I follow went to BEA or participated in Armchair BEA this year. In fact, I'm not sure I saw posts about either among the people I follow through Bloglovin, although I did follow a few links on Twitter. I don't usually participate in Armchair BEA, but I've enjoyed some of the discussions in past years. But I think a lot of people are just moving on to other stuff. I know I participate in fewer events than I used to even though I'm still blogging. I just prefer doing my own thing.


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