Lazy Sunday Thoughts Are Spring Cleaning



Happy Weekend! It’s a long weekend here in Canada. Lots of beer and BBQ. It’s still a bit cool outside but we are an optimistic people. Last week, I saw someone in the traditional spring costume of our nation: shorts and a winter jacket. (This never makes any sense to me!)

Anyway, with spring’s arrival I make new plans for my house. I painted several walls this week. I started my garden with radishes and lettuce. The garage is being cleaned and I’m planning on some major landscaping in the back yard. I have BIG plans, I just have to DO those things.

Because of the painting all week, most of my reading has been audio. I finished What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami and In Other Worlds by Margaret Atwood. I’m almost done with H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald.  At some point, I’ll sit down and write a post about them.

In the mail this week, I received a couple of British mysteries I requested. I guess I have my summer reading plans worked out!




For now, I better go out and enjoy the nice spring weather while it lasts! See ya!


  1. Here in the South, long sleeves and shorts are our winter uniform.

    1. That makes more sense to me than a winter coat!

  2. Good luck with all the plans! We've had plans here in Texas but also scads of rain. Like, weeks of rain. Rain that makes for flooding. It's really a "this never happens" situation for us, so just riding it out!

  3. Beer and a BBQ? Sounds wonderful to me.

    We have to paint here too. Both the outside trimming and the inside walls. We got an estimate for the trimming and there is no way that I am going to pay $5500 for trimming only! That is the average price and we got three estimates.

  4. Enjoy the spring weather! We're already heading into the hideous summer months down here, so I've been packing up all my cool-weather clothes and fetching out all the shorts and sleeveless things that are still way too many clothes because as soon as you walk outside, it's like being in a really unpleasant hot water sticky bath.


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