Lazy Sunday Thoughts: All You Mothers

Maybe I’m the only person who does this, but I read all Mother’s Day greetings in Samuel L Jackson’s voice. It makes the word mother a little more bad ass.

My Mother’s Day plans include doing as little as possible, until I have my own mother over for supper. Also, wine.

Do you know the history (herstory) of Mother’s Day? Let founder Anna Jarvis tell you.

She would not approve of the current state of the commercialization of Mother's Day at all. I would love one of these feminist Mother’s Day gifts today though.

I realized how much of a mother I have become when I recently gave advice to a younger co-worker. She was about to take on a new career by going back to school and was nervous. My advice was that everyone else there would be nervous too and she would be just fine and not to worry too much. I have never sounded more like Marge Simpson in my life.

Of course, that advice might just be due to my age. The older I get the more I realize how true it is. Don't let feeling nervous keep you from doing what you really want to do.

It was also May the 4th this past week, so maybe listen to Lucille Bluth instead.

Enjoy your Sunday, whether that includes wine or Star Wars is up to you.


  1. Ha! I love the idea of Mother's Day wishes in Jackson's voice. I'm imagining him reading the boozy card I got from hubs. lol Happy Mother's Day!

  2. What is Mother's Day without wine? Just how many of us would be mothers without wine, come to think of it?

    I will now be reading ALL of my cards in Samuel L. Jackson's voice, thank you very much.

    I hear you on becoming a mother to the young'uns. When did we become so wise?

    Have a wonderful day and better week!

    1. Wise! lol! I don't know about that but it was the first time I ever "mommed" someone who wasn't my kid!

    2. Ha! I say wise especially if they listen to said mom advice!

  3. Funny you mentioned Jackson because when I saw your post I instantly thought Mother blank. My potty mouth!


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