Media Madness Monday: A New Season For Orphans

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Hurray! Orphan Black Season 3 began April 18. I’m sure there will be shenanigans this season but the first episode was a slow start. Here are some highlights:

  • We began with Helena’s dream. It looked like Alison’s suburban neighbourhood threw up in Helena’s fantasy backyard. In reality, Helena is trapped in a box.

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  • The captured Castor clone likes to exercise naked. As you do.
  • Mrs S was beat up by a different Castor clone. Oh no, he didn’t! He’ll find himself forked to a table later in the season for sure.
  • Rachel had a pencil surgically removed from her eyeball. It was nasty.
  • Delphine has straight hair now and is meeeeean. I guess straight hair does that, just look at Rachel.
  • Helena had a conversation with an imaginary talking scorpion.
  • Alison is in a feud with a real estate lady. I guess she’s going to have a tragic accident soon. This plotline seems kinda pointless.
  • Donnie is unemployed. Poor Donnie.
  • No Handsome Paul. No Cal with the dreamy hair. Boo.
  • Ferdinand the Cleaner is one creepy dude. He and Rachel used to get freaky. This does not surprise me.

This first episode wasn’t great, but not terrible either. More of Felix would be nice. Who has Helena trapped in a box? Where are the runaway Proletheans? What is Dyad up to? Why are the Castor clones murdering their Leda counterparts?

I guess we’ll have to keep watching to find out.


  1. Aaaaaa I'm so excited this show is back. I'm trying to decide if I want to watch it weekly or save a few episodes and binge on them periodically.

    (Also, I know this is season-old news, but, I am just so glad this show didn't kill Helena. She is the best, and I cannot wait for her to be rescued and go back to wreaking havoc at bars and such.)

    1. I know, I can't wait until next week! And Helena, yes, I can't wait to see what crazy thing she is going to do once she gets out.


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