Media Madness Monday: Go Vikings!

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Last Thursday marked the end of Season 3 of Vikings. The adventures of Ragnar and Company were quite exciting this season. There were betrayals, and several deaths of major characters. Ragnar always keeps his eye on the prize. He’s nothing if not persistent, as the final episode shows.

Ragnar had two major goals this season: establish a colony in Wessex, and invade Paris. One of these things was a success, the other a total failure. If Ragnar is ever outsmarted or tricked, he bides his time. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Eventually, he’s going to burn that mo-fo down.

A couple of things I noticed about this show:

A. The ladies aren’t sitting around embroidering pillows. Lagertha, Ragnar’s ex, was a shield maiden and this season became an Earl. Her son’s new wife is training to be a shield maiden herself. Whether or not this is historically accurate is debatable but I’m all for it. Even in Christian territory the women are kicking ass. France’s Princess Gisla doesn’t let Paris go down without a fight, standing next to her soldiers while her dad hides out in church.


lagertha insult


B. Everybody is all about that old time religion. Whether a pagan or Christian, people are having visions all over the place. Sometimes with the help of shrooms or physical trauma. Stigmata is a popular expression of religious fervour with one character in particular. Even one of the Vikings’ gods come visiting. He literally hangs out with the ladies.




C. The fashion is like Clan of the Cave Bear had a baby with Burning Man. The Vikings are all animal heads, furs, and leather. No wonder the people of Paris are terrified! I’m so fascinated with the braids. I also want to rock a braided faux-hawk. I never see anyone getting these complicated ‘dos done, but somehow they are punked out for a battle every time.


vikings fashion

   Work it!

This was a great season and I can’t wait for Season 4! I’m not sure if you can watch it online but if you can, give it a try.


  1. I love this show and yes, the women kick ass!

  2. My brother loves this show and got me seasons 1-2 for my birthday. It was a lot better than I was expecting! I haven't finished season one yet though.

    1. Well, that's a good thing! I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

  3. Ohhhhhh! I keep seeing people talking about Vikings and Ragnar, and I immediately think of the Minnesota Vikings and their mascot, whose name is Ragnar, and get confused by the tenor of the remarks that follow. I get it now. The Vikings is a show. Ragnar is the protagonist. I KNOW STUFF, I HAVE CULTURAL AWARENESS.

    1. That's football, right? I'm not that sporty. Yes, it is a show!


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