Take My Advice…Bloggiesta Style

If you’re new to my blog, possibly because you’ve come here from Bloggiesta, let me tell you a bit about Chrisbookarama. This has been my blog for over 8 years now. I’ve seen a lot of changes in book blogging over the years. Bloggers have come and gone. Some gave up blogging, and others have created a job from this thing we do. There’ve been blogging trends and fads, controversies galore. Somehow I’m still here, maybe not as consistently as in the past, but here nevertheless.

Here’s my advice:

*There’s nothing wrong with being a smaller blog. There are going to be more popular blogs than yours. Maybe you’ll be a big time blogger or maybe no matter how much branding, advertising, networking, or selling yourself your blog is going to have a smaller audience. And that’s okay. There is something freeing about having a small audience. There is less pressure to do it all.

big time blogger

*Keep in mind, you don’t have to be on every publisher’s list, you don’t have to read every new release, you don’t have to do author interviews, you don’t have to post everyday. IF YOU DON”T WANT TO! If that’s what you want, and makes you happy, sure go for it, but don’t feel like you have to do that because that’s what makes a successful blogger.

*There are plenty of blog posts out there about being successful in the blogosphere: when to post, what to post, etc. Keeping up with all of that can make a person bonkers. For most book bloggers, blogging is a hobby. A hobby should be fun! Something you like doing. Have fun!

*And finally, don’t sign up for everything, and don’t say yes to every book review request you get. It seems like a good idea at the time, but trust me, you can get overwhelmed.

Now take a break and relax.



  1. And I for one am glad you're still here, for posts like this. Thanks.

  2. And I for one am glad you're still here, for posts like this. Thanks.

  3. Having fun, realizing this thing is a hobby for most of us, and taking breaks when needed seem to be running themes in these Bloggiesta posts! I guess I took your advice because I didn't sign up for Bloggiesta this week - had too much else going on IRL!

  4. I will meet you at that poolside lounge. I'll even buy the first round of drinks!

  5. Exactly. :D

    Hoping I get there before Michelle orders drinks!

    (and this is Care aka BkClubCare - the blogger msg is telling me this will be published as anonymous so thought I would add... )


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