Pinterest Interests: Snowshoeing

This is bit of a cheat since I found this Pin after I started snowshoeing, but it’s my blog so I’ll do what I want. Winking smile 


The blog post Snowshoeing for Runners 101 is great even if you aren’t a runner. As you can see from the chart in the post, you don’t even have to go that fast to get a better workout than running. I do not run outdoors in the winter. It’s just too dangerous: ice, unplowed sidewalks, cars together are a bad combo. I will run on the treadmill but it sucks!

Snowshoeing is a great alternative. I get to spend time with my family and get in a workout. We bought our own snowshoes after borrowing from friends. They aren’t super fancy, and were around $60 a pair. We aren’t trekking up mountains so they do fine. I did invest in a good pair of boots and snow pants though.


If you don’t have friends with snowshoes, maybe try the nearest ski hill. Our local ski hill rents snowshoes and has trails just for that activity. They also have special moonlight trail nights, which we’ve never been able to do. Mostly we just kick around our neighbourhood or drive to the nearest park for a walk. It is a lot of fun!


Then when you get home you can make yourself a Gingerbread Kahlua Latte!

I realize it’s March now and in most places the snowshoeing season is over, but maybe it will get you thinking about it for next winter.


  1. This is out for us since we get very little snow, and I'm happy about that!

  2. Honestly? I've always wanted to go snowshoeing!

  3. This sounds like a great alternative to any other outdoor activity or the dreaded treadmill. I really should get over my aversion to winter sports. This could actually be fun!


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