Media Madness Monday: Pod People

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I'm a media junkie, not just books, but TV, movies, music, podcasts, and internet nonsense. Every Monday I discuss something that's caught my interest this past week.



I’ve been listening to an abundance of podcasts this week. I’ve found some interesting ones.

Literary Disco. Literary Disco includes Julia Pistell, Tod Goldberg, and Rider Strong (yes, from Boy Meets World). I listened to their episode on Shirley Jackson. The trio discussed The Lottery and the newly discovered short story The Man in the Woods. They give their opinions and it is great!

Book Fight! Mike Ingram and Tom Mcallister give “tough love for literature.” I listened to Fall of Failure: Stefan Zweig and Failed Comebacks. They reviewed Chess Story and tied Stefan and the story to some spectacular failed comebacks.

book fight

Up Yours, Downstairs! Married couple Kelly Anneken and Tom Schneider recap episodes of Downton Abbey (and other Edwardian series and movies) scene by scene. The episodes are long, longer than the shows they recap! But they’re fun and informative. They take time to explain some of the head scratching parts of the show: historic events, persons, etc.


On the Web

For some reason this weekend, my husband and I were watching Public Access TV and came across WhatRUat? I looked at him and said, “What the hell is this?” It was oddly compelling. Two guys hang out in a Newfoundland shed and talk about.. stuff. Just random stuff. For example, they had a guest who was really into his Grandpa’s safety razor. (Now I wait to buy one for my guy.) They have a Youtube channel if you want to check them out.

Here they discuss Lawn Darts: The Most Dangerous Game.

That’s all for today! What have you been listening to/ watching?


  1. I'll have to check these out. My favorite is A Good Read from the BBC. It's on hiatus now, but will soon be back on.

  2. I really like podcasts, but I am terrible at keeping up with them. I wish I could do better!


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