Media Madness Monday: Gone Girl Galavant

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On the TV

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If you haven’t seen Galavant, you really should give it at least a look- while you can. When I first heard of it, I thought it sounded weird…but intriguing. Galavant is a knight who becomes a ne’er do well when his girlfriend dumps him for King Richard. He’s tricked into thinking she wants him back and sets out on a quest to “rescue” her with a little help from these two. 


Galavant is part comedy, part musical. I’m not a fan of musicals (I gave up on Glee after the first season) but the songs are funny and tongue in cheek. The show fully embraces silliness- Galavant’s rival is a knight named Jean Hamm. The land of Galavant is bright and cheerful like the world of Pushing Daisies. It’s smart and filled with great cameos; Ricky Gervais played a potion pushing wizard named Xanax in one episode.

Galavant is fun and different. It was in Sundays on ABC. The finale was just yesterday. From what I read, the chances of it coming back are slim. So enjoy it on Hulu or whatever it is you use to watch TV shows now.

And then there’s this.

galavant 2


Big Screen

gone girl poster

I finally got around to seeing Gone Girl. I was dying to see it in theatres but that never happened. I couldn’t wait for my husband to see it so we could talk about it.

Nick discovers his wife of five years, Amy, is missing. Once the police get involved, things quickly turn from a missing person case to murder. Nick is the prime suspect.

First things first, can I be Rosamond Pike? Hot damn! And she is so good in this. Not at first. In the beginning, she’s as boring as dirt, but as things get weird she really turns that performance into something. Ben Affleck is okay as the clueless Nick. He is swarmy enough.

gone girl

The storyline sticks close to the novel, even the famous “Cool Girl” speech gets plugged in there. Thankfully, the ending wasn’t changed either. I know it wasn’t to everyone’s taste.

So , that’s my last edition of Media Madness Monday. What have you been watching?


  1. I will get around to seeing Gone Girl one of these days. I really hope NetFlix picks it up, as that will probably be my only chance of watching it!

  2. I loved Galavant! I think my favorite part was Sid(ney) Land. It's an anagram!

  3. I really need to read this book...

  4. I need to watch Galavant! I feel bad that I didn't watch it from the start -- sounds like it really needed the viewers -- but I guess my viewing couldn't have saved it. I love that they tried something as bonkers as this, though. Even I don't love the show when I do watch it, I admire the attempt.


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