Let’s End On a High Note

Wow, so many comments on my cranky reading year post. I’m glad to see I wasn’t alone, well sad for you all, but happy to know it wasn’t just me.

I mentioned that I did read some books I really enjoyed in 2014. I’m not going to be a Debbie Downer. I’m going to end 2014 on a high note.

rachel dratch

Speaking of Ms Downer, A Girl Walks Into a Bar was unexpectedly good.

If I ended the year with its disappointing sequel, I began the new with the excellent The Rosie Project. Proves just how bad a sequel can be. I followed that one up with The Winter People which scared the pants off me. I haven’t slept with my closet door open since. The children of Beggars in Spain never slept so I guess they never worried about closets.

I travelled to Mars with an optimistic survivor in The Martian. For something completely different, I joined a readalong and found out what was Lady Audley’s Secret. Then some creepy kids caused havoc in The Three.

Starting in late summer, I had a run of great books beginning with Landline. Things got weird in the fake Ikea store themed Horrorstor. I found a new to me author, Tananarive Due, after reading her short story The Lake. I went crazy for the cross dressing older lady in The Grey Woman, which inspired my Shocktober feature.

The wonderful Margaret Atwood did not disappoint with her collection of short stories, The Stone Mattress.

So…that was it. Not spectacular, but better than nothing.

By the way, it’s my 8th Bloggiversary today!

I’ll discuss my blogging goals on Sunday (once I have some). For now, I’d like to revisit some of the non-review posts I had fun creating in 2014.

That was 2014! Now it’s time to move into 2015 and leave it all behind. I feel refreshed! Let’s get this party started!



  1. Happy blogiversary! And happy 2015 :-) Let's hope for a year of great books!

  2. Happy 8th! I loved the Martian too and it made my Best of 14 list. And - I had no idea what to make of The Three..it was one of the weirdest books I've ever read, but I couldn't stop reading. It was like watching a train wreck and not being able to turn away.

  3. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! Which reminds me... I totally missed mine! It's in late December and I always forget about it because of the holidays. Oops! I read The Good House by Tananarive Due and I liked it a lot! It didn't make my year-end list, but I'm really looking forward to reading more by her. I also need to read A Girl Walks Into A Bar. Happy New Year!

  4. Happy 8th anniversary, Chris! I have The Three on request at the library (sometime late fall I might get it), and asked for The Martian and didn't get it under the tree, so when I can next get out (we got ice and 18 cms of snow today) I will be making it my first present to myself this year! lol I'd like to read The Rosie Project at some point, glad you enjoyed it so much. Now to go read your cranky column. I was thinking of starting a regular posting series on the cranky reader, since I read quite a few that I am disappointed in in the past few years. Happy 2015 reading, Chris!

  5. Happy 8th anniversary, Chris. I'm impressed!

  6. First things first, Happy Blogiversary!

    I'm sorry to hear that 2014 wasn't a great year for you for reading, but also glad that you were able to find a handful that you loved. I have not read a single one of them though! Here's to hoping that 2015 is a much better year in the books! :)


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