Media Madness Monday: The Ugly Podcast Sweater Edition

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ugly sweater

Want an interesting Christmas tunes playlist? If you have signed up for Spotify, give Ugly Sweater Party a listen. It’s an eclectic mix of new and old Christmas songs. There are some regular favorites: Santa Baby (Eartha Kitt), All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey). Then there are the unusual ones: Christmas Wrapping (The Waitresses), Christmastime (Smashing Pumpkins). It has some of my old faves: Last Christmas (Wham!), Funky, Funky Christmas (NKOTB) (Everyone shut up. I like it. I don’t care.) I’ve found some new faves among the playlist. It’s great for trimming the tree, though you might want to skip Merry Xmas Says Your Text Message (Dragonette) if your Granny is over. (My husband commented, “That’s more swearing than I’m used to in a Christmas song.”)




I am probably the last person to find this but, have you heard about Serial? Yeah, you did. If by some chance you haven’t, here’s the deal. The podcast series from This American Life covers one story over one season. The host Sarah Koenig investigates the story and follows it wherever it may lead. This first season tells the story of Adnan Syed, who went to jail for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee

I wasn’t sure about this podcast at first since these are real people. Adnan is still in jail and both his and Hae Min’s family are living with her tragic loss. I thought I would feel icky about it, but Sarah presents the story with respect to all involved. She does get emotionally invested in the story, though she tries to preserve journalistic integrity.

I’ve listened to every podcast so far, all eleven, and am curious to see what the twelfth and final episode will bring. It’s been very interesting.

For something completely different, there is Sawbones. Sawbones is a medical history podcast hosted by a real life married couple, Dr Sydnee and Justin McElroy. Since Sydnee is a physician, she brings in her expertise, while Justin brings the comic relief. The podcasts are fun, informative, and sometimes gross. Want to learn about gout? They got you covered. Want to know a good cure for hiccups? Like to know when did women start surviving C-sections? Ever wonder why the Victorians so into enemas? You’ll find the answers on Sawbones.


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