Media Madness Monday: Canadaland and Eddie Rochester

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Oh hi! Happy Week After Tiny Chocolate Bars and Leaping Backward In Time. I blame both of these on this late edition of Media Madness Monday.



So, before that bombshell about Jian Ghomeshi hit, all I knew about Jesse Brown was that he hosted Canadaland. Actually, I didn’t pay much attention to the show until I saw in the podcast show list that he’d interviewed Kate Beaton recently. It is such a great interview. First, she talks about her website and its success, how even if it seems to be a specific kind of comedy, it attracts all types of people (Canadian topics, American audience) Then she discussed her time at Fort McMurray. If you are Canadian, you know at least something about the oil sands and Fort Mc. It’s where the money is but it’s got problems. What Kate Beaton has to say about it made me very emotional since so many people I know have worked there at some time.


On the Web

On a lighter note, for the lols follow Mr Edward Rochester on his Tumblr. Read his rants about his first wife and Jane leaving him. Also, thoughts on how awesome he is. The notes include arguments from Jane, Heathcliff, and Catherine Earnshaw.

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  1. Honestly I can't stand time change. Plus it is so dark earlier now... I miss the sun!


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