Media Madness Monday: Bob and Boudica

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I'm a media junkie, not just books, but TV, movies, music, podcasts, and internet nonsense. Every Monday I discuss something that's caught my interest this past week.

On the TV

bob's burgers

Do you watch Bob’s Burgers? If not, why not? It’s the best animated comedy on TV. The Belcher’s are a typical family of five just trying to keep the family business running. Bob is a hamburger artist, his wife Linda and three kids: Tina, Gene, and Louise, help out when they can. They’re all a little kooky but I can relate to them all. Bob begrudgingly gets involved in his family’s antics. Linda is always bubbly and encourages the family to have fun, usually with singing and dancing. Tina is a hormonal teen, Louise a terrifyingly angry and devious little kid. And Gene is…Gene. 

Last week, Tina fell in love with a ghost Louise convinced her lived in a shoebox. Meanwhile, ghosthunters invaded the restaurant. The kids often have separate adventures from their parents but everyone meets up at the end of every episode. It’s just a lot of offbeat fun.


stuff history

I've been binge listening to Stuff You Missed in History Class during work. This is a fantastic podcast for anyone who loves history. All episodes are around 30 mins so you can listen to one on the bus, in the car or wherever. I’ve already gone through Growing Up Bronte, Les Filles du Roi, New England Vampire Panic, Hypatia, and Boudica. There are so many more on countless topics. Check it out!


On the Web

If you can’t get enough of Hypatia and Boudica in the podcast, have a look Rejected Princesses. Those ladies, along with many other great women of history, are reimagined as cartoon characters. The women are rejected princesses because their stories wouldn’t translate into 90 minute movies for children. Some of the brightly coloured illustrations feature happily smiling heroines decapitating their enemies. So, yeah. But it’s great!


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