Lazy Sunday Thoughts Are Full of Pumpkin


It’s late and I’m getting ready to watch Revenge. I have high hopes for this season. Please don’t let it be terrible.

This weekend was all about The Pumpkin. The fam and I went for our annual pumpkin picking outing at a local farm. We got our pumpkins, bought some veggies, talked to the animals, and got lost in the corn maze. Amazing! (sorry) What a gorgeous weekend! I don’t think I’m ever going to read again because there is too much to do outside on these beautiful fall days. There are too many drives to take and hikes to hike.

But now I have this…

stone mattress

I will read Stone Mattress this week. I will! Thanksgiving is this weekend coming and hopefully, while making the turkey, I’ll have time to sit down and read.


  1. We finally broke down yesterday and bought three pumpkins for Greyson. He is a pumpkin addict, so I feel certain he'll arrange and rearrange them to his heart's content. Enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving and all the goodness!

  2. Yay for pumpkins :D And I'm still on the fence about Revenge this season :/ Especially Nolan's hair and wardrobe...what the hell were they THINKING??

  3. Pumpkiiiiins! I keep seeing them at the grocery store and wanting to buy ALL of them to carve ALL the pumpkins. But so far I have resisted. I want to get my jack-o-lantern up and running a little closer to actual Halloween.

  4. We are not in a pumpkin mood yet. Too warm. The Girl did pick up a little pumpkin for our pup though. She loves when we buy a pumpkin for her. She seems to know it's for her. So sweet.

    Oh TV is about to get good. I watched American Horror Story - Freak Show last night and it was sooooo disturbing but good. Now, The Walking Dead this Sunday which I am so freakin' excited about.


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